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PLU Open Mic featuring Alison Koehler

PLU Open Mic featuring Alison Koehler

Join us January 25 for multidimensional light beams and multidimensionaler, intimate poetry with featured guest Alison Koehler!

Alison Grace Koehler is a poet, painter and maker of stained glass. Her work in these mediums is imbued with happenstance, and shards of transparency. She has curated and performed in shows for Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, The Poetry Brothel, Les Nocturnes de l’Aude, and The Edinburgh Art Festival. She makes windows and hangings for transient installations, as well as permanent art for public and private spaces. Alison lives in Paris and creates independently at Atelier Lengaï. You can take a look at her website at

photo credit: Yann Lagoutte

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