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PLU Open Mic featuring Amel Toumi

PLU Open Mic featuring Amel Toumi

Join PLU and the gang for another Thursday of artistic inspiration and social non-judgement. This week we welcome on to our stage Amel Toumi, who will be wooing us with tales of loves lost and found.

Amel is a regular in the Parisian open mic scene, doing the rounds of Paris Lit Up, Spoken Word, the Highlander and Café Oz. For years, she would play covers only but since 2016 has been composing and performing her own music. La Bellevilloise and Le Vieux Léon (among other places) have seen her perform solo concerts recently.

One of her original pieces was used as a soundtrack for a short video by artist and photographer Véronique Durruty Amel also composed a song for the Acoustic Guitar Project (which so many of you seem to be familiar with).

Lady Sebastien is the name given to her newly formed duo (April, 2016) with bassist Olivia Dutheil. Here is their YouTube channel for more lyrical melancholy and vision.

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