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PLU Open Mic featuring Amruta Prabhu

PLU Open Mic featuring Amruta Prabhu

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Kelly (

Late, late, late nights of prose, poetry, music, our special guest Amruta Prabhu and general drunken antics at PLU last week. With over 25 guests, ending after 1 a.m., we’re definitely moving hot into the summer season here in Paris. DRnB started us off with I should be a lover, Iris – just about to go back to London to organize for our Double Presentation in May – read His name evaporated. Jovan came early and read from his short written for “20 something American males”, Plumbing is easy. René wrote his own eulogy. We’ll miss him. Until next week. Maria showed us a short film (our first!), What is Black Beauty? followed up by Scott’s trailer about Being Ginger:

Finally, Moe gave us his Shit list before we invited our special guest Amruta Prabhu to our stage. She read a couple of poems (How to look for for a poem in the métro, Spring poem) and then her superb prose story of making Chai Tea.

Round 2

Amel sang us into round 2, Ethan remembered When I was young… but Kate then Found out. Kelly and Olivier played an semi-improvised poetry music collaboration, You do not have to be good – tell me your despair. Estelle from Camaroon read a rapidfire series of poems: Do not complain, It’s alright and Walking in style. Steve read from his Abyss before Amruta came back up to read her own English/French translation of herself, Sans rhyme/Unrhymed. She closed out round 2 with a prose piece about watching neighbors fuck: Desire. Hot night, hot night.

Hic Sunt Leones

It was already late, but the list was long and we – motivated by liquid goodness – Milena sang about cheating, I’ve got a boy. Isabelle came back from India with some bilingual English/French poetry, Alvaro gave a truthful introduction to Silda, Donald read Idededía (I think that was the title), Lev did Les Chiens, Adrian (kinda) memorized The Trainer. Nicolas + Henri, our late night French punk rockers, did some slide guitar, sorta in English… And finally François sang us home at well after 1 a.m…..


Amruta Prabhu was born and raised in Mumbai, India, by a family that encouraged a love of travel and of words. This passion for experiencing different cultures and languages led her to study English literature and Professional Translation. Currently based in Paris, she is a polyglot and translator. Drawing equally from both her Indian culture and love for Europe, her inspiration comes from the details of everyday life and her writing aims at undiluted, honest expression. When not writing, Amruta enjoys photography, tap and Bollywood dancing, eating, laughing, sleeping, music, silly walks, chai and teddy bears.

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