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PLU Open Mic featuring Andre K’por

PLU Open Mic featuring Andre K’por

Last Thursday at PLU was a night that just kept on giving and giving and… We sang, read, played and freestyled out the night until 2! Our special guest, Andre K’por kept us entertained with both amazing spoken word performances as well as song. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Round One began with René jamming on some French rock, followed by Alison‘s stark poem Tell me the truth. Melissa, our first virgin sacrifice of the evening, spoke of ads: Starlight. Maxx came along with spiritual guidance from Alister Crowley and Bibi took us back to her Origins. French folk legend Vic lead a sing along to a 1938 Calypso number and then forced Flavie to play the guitar too. Moe fiddled around with Soon its gonna rain for Bruxelles. Andre K’por did a ton of  great stuff, including this:

Round Two saw: Yasser with a haiku in Japanese and then his Palabras in español. Steve Nahaj gave us a little teaser of his new novel that he is launching at PLU in two weeks… DC Miller made everyone extremely uncomfortable with Swallow me and Bangkok only to be upstaged in awkwardness by Ryan Galer‘s Deda Revolution. Yael lost his virginity with William Ernest Henley. Fourplay announced its next edition and Vic belted out some Yodeling blues. Becca read GMAT questions to poets and wrote a letter To myself, from myself. Lorenzo did Il corvo in Italiano, Rufo came back to Paris after being on the frontline of Europe’s migration crisis and Mr. K’por came back for more.

Round Three sacrificed Katie‘s virginity with a guitar, Sella accapellaed Winehouse’s Stronger than me, Marie asked us to Marry her and then we were caught stealing (yet again) from the cool kids with Mitco taking to our stage and offering a plurilingual poetry extravaganza. The evening then degenerated into a free-for-all rap battle with some great improvised rhymes, fresh beats and Vic on the guitar.


PLU is excited to feature Bosnian multimedia writer and artist Andre K’por this week at Open Mic. Music, videos, poetry: this guy does it all! For everyone else, sign up is free starting at 20h – first come, first served! Sing, read, play, do the jig: the stage is yours. No rules, no limits: no silly bells and whistles.

Andre K’por was born in the city of Sarajevo (Bosnia) a couple of years before the Balkans war, and has lived a relatively nomadic life since. Having spent most of his childhood in the cultural circles of Zagreb (Croatia), consuming comics and books aplenty, he was set off on a path of incessant writing and drawing. His first illustration commission was for a front cover of a collection of fantasy short stories with an undertone of philosophical musings, when he was only nine years old. The publisher failed to pay him the agreed fee, and instead he got the equivalent money’s worth in a large stack of graphic novels.

After moving to Dublin (Ireland) at the age of twelve, Andre spent a few years becoming comfortable with writing in the English language before starting to perform his poetry work regularly in front of audiences from age fifteen. He also began expanding from illustrative work to other mediums including photography, film and multimedia.

In 2009 Andre became a member of the board at Exchange Dublin, a cooperative arts space in Dublin’s Temple Bar district. Here, he was instrumental in facilitating many workshops and events, as well as co–founding the Exchange Words group. The same year, he began a long–held tenure at Electric Picnic, Ireland’s biggest music festival. This led to his involvement in numerous other festivals, as well as sharing stages with the likes of Scroobius Pip, Kate Tempest, and the Alabama 3. He graduated in 2012 from IADT Dun Laoghaire with a BA in Visual Communications, since then working in various capacities as a facilitator, curator and designer. His grad show project was taken up by a bookings agency and went live that same year, still continuing to this day.

Andre has established a distinct range of performance styles adaptable to a variety of settings, from the most prestigious festivals, to the dingiest basements. He is currently part of the independent U.S. record label Citizen Soldier Entertainment, which he joined in 2013. He has performed extensively across Ireland, the UK and Europe, and runs a regular poetry and hip-hop showcase called LOQ. Work also published in numerous magazines, anthologies and fanzines, and regularly on The Bogman’s Cannon, Ireland’s most widely read online literary journal.

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