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PLU Open Mic featuring AnnaO

PLU Open Mic featuring AnnaO

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by Steve using the shiny, new PLU camera. We turned up the temperature on poetry in Paris this week with Anna O, who’s percussion accompanied performance packed the ready-basted bar. Et oui, elle est francaise, et oui, elle lisait en francais, et oui, nous avons compris. Grand merci Anna pour cette superbe soiree!

The roasting of the virgins included Iris with a teenage poem,  Carolee teaching art history, and Anna, walking her poems around the room.

Americans letting off pre-fourth fireworks were Bob on insanity and the Supreme Court, Steve (he of the photos – merci, monsieur) with another extract from his novel, and Jay and Chloe with the rude bits from Capote’s Tropic of Capricorn.

Bonfire Brits were Nick with soliloquies from Hamlet and MacBeth and Vanessa, daring not to say certain things, whilst James gave the bard a good slagging off – must have been the sun-stroke.

The Aussie’s who know a thing about heat were Zorro acting it up as the Marquis de Sade and Thomas

Beatrice, with her translations of Alfonso Gatto, and Eliot, with Hugo, kept their respective Italian and French flags flying on a warm breeze.

Music from the Bob, followed by his steamy friends from LA, Brown and Catti, who left us hot under the collar – come back to Paris again guys! – and the wonderful – who knew she could sing – Emily Ruck Keene.



Ann-Olivia Belzidsky,  is a musician, poet and artist living and working in Paris.

Her concerts, exhibitions and poetic performances incorporate extensive set design and scenography tailored to create a particular ambiance (installations, projections, exhibitions…). AnnaO has performed at the Maison de la Poésie in Paris, the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, the Flèche d’Or, and les Trois Baudets.

She is often given free reign, carte blanche, in her exhibitions and performances (La Générale, Les Trois Baudets) and her creative spaces are transversal, crossing into different artistic realms. She invites writers and performance poets, musicians and actors, to breathe life into her work.



She was a Princess | AnnaO | (Kwaidan Records / Idol) |

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-Action Poétique n° 193

-Le Zaporogue #7

-Notopos, Anthologie, biennale internationale des poètes.

-webSYNradio, workshop by Droits de Cités

-RUNBOOK-Art book in progress

-RoToR #8

-Lex-ICON – post 63

-Le Zaporogue XIV

-[Libr-@ction – 15]



-Je suis cette chose etc. (7 ex.)

-Post hoc (7 ex.)

-Du verbe since (7 ex.)





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