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PLU Open Mic featuring Anne Marsella

PLU Open Mic featuring Anne Marsella

PLU Open Mic was a mindful orgasm last Thursday November 17 with delicious and funny readings from Anne Marsella’s upcoming next novel.

Momo kicked off Round One with two instrumental guitar performances, one Satie piece and an ‘orientalization’ of Aranjuez. He was then joined onstage by Nathalie who sang “Marcel”. Stacie sang an a capella version of Mumford and Sons’ “Give Her Your Heart”. Scott took the opportunity to broadcast his performance live, telling a story taken from his current film project “An American Ginger in Paris” which is currently seeking finishing funds on kickstarter. Nick reminded us all that the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s passing was just 45 days away and read (beautifully, as always) two of the Bard’s sonnets, numbers 71 and 29. Moe did some improv with Momo, then read the poem he’d written for the Russian delegation. Kat read from a screenplay she wrote about Leonard Cohen, inviting everyone to the memorial/drunken singalong taking place November 26th at the Bar le 17. John read two poems, one about upstaged pots of plastic plants and ringtone chime-like bowels pouring from atrium cliffs, and another “Red Skies” about breasts burned before becoming silent and how Jesus could afford to lose a few pounds before turning 60.

Featured writer Anne took the stage with a novel extract, a dialogue between characters Aude and Ali, the former trying to sell the latter on mindful orgasmic meditation. If you don’t know the word “introitus” you should look it up.

Round Two opened with Lara, who’d unsuccessfully tried to bribe her way into round one with an offering of cantuccini to the host (note: they were delicious, but she didn’t get into round one because rules are rules), offering a laugh-out-loud top 10 list of things she’d like to do before she dies, including being in a threesome without having to be the organizer. Elia acknowledged the host’s aphorism that guitarists generally start their song by stating that they’d just been broken up with, but stated that his girlfriend had forbidden him from acting single, before launching with gusto into his song “Don’t Leave Your Fire Unattended”. Amruta is leaving Paris in a week! We are very sad to see her go, but enjoyed two of her “metro shorts”, and then a poem she wrote recently while vacationing in Sicily. Mayssan paid homage to Bukowski, who’d inspired her to write when stating ‘write because you can be heard’. Elynn read a poem by a Syrian architect and poet in French, about the season of pistachios and figs and how the poet sometimes wonders where he’ll die. René switched from host to performer long enough to read his Birch Elephant piece. Fred and Robert closed the evening with some standup.

This Thursday (NOV 17) at the Paris Lit Up Open Mic we welcome the award-winning author Anne Marsella! If you’d like to stand on the same stage as the lovely Anne, come over to Culture Rapide around 8pm to sign up – poetry, prose, dance, theater, beagle, music – whatever makes you happy.

ANNE MARSELLA, Paris-based writer, has written and published in both English and French and is the author of the award-winning collection of short stories, The Lost and Found and Other Stories (New York University Press) and the novels Remedy (Portobello Books), The Baby of Belleville (Portobello Books) and Patsy Boone (Editions de la Différence).  She is a recipient of New York University’s Elmer Holmes Bobst Award and has benefited from a number of international fellowships.   She has taught literature and writing at the American University of Paris, and associate directed NYU’s Writers in Paris program.  Currently she teaches creative writing at the Institut Catholique de Paris and curates the Mme du Châtelet Literary Salon celebrating the feminine erotic in the spirit of Madame du Châtelet, an 18th century mathematician famous for translating Newton and for her lust-inspiring necklines.

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