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PLU Open Mic featuring Annie Woodward

PLU Open Mic featuring Annie Woodward

Music and magic and merriment. Round one of PLU’s open mic on April 2nd started with Ethan’s “If You Love Me” and his Ferryman

“If you love me, close the door tenderly but with force”

“Some things cannot be lived in books”

Also appearing in round one were a faux-grumpy Ghosh and Ten Modern Tragedies. Charlotte regretted her penchant for astrophysicists, and read The Idea of the Lightening Bug and Be Kind to the Wolf (Games of Thrones spoiler???) Jovan lost his virginity to a story of his heroin-addicted neighbour and Scott recorded another love story, this time from Portree, on the Isle of Skye. Vera’s ex sent her a book in the mail, just like that, and Elisa put Taylor Swift to shame. Ray rapped his way into our hearts with “Being a drifter” and his story of being homeless then living with a cult in LA. This hard-hitting beat was the perfect segway to our featured performer Annie Woodward who was, as your host wrote in her book “AWESOME”. She took her guitar and a Frenchman she’d just met, wowing us with her musical skillz and lyrical talent. Look –


Round Two

With the relay torch passed from host to longer-haired host, Round Two got off to a riotous start with Jordan‘s Voila la Violence, soon to be found on his upcoming album Teenage Eschaton after his 7 year-old test panel’s approval, while virgin Eva finally took to the stage to speak of fools and beauty.
The stage dripping with the right mix of words and notes, featured songstress Annie Woodward returned to claim her pride of place by Chasing after Rabbits, reaching out through the fog of schizophrenia in Untitled, and then bringing back the mood with Are we sleeping.
After such a performance, our London correspondent Iris gave us a glimpse of multiple realities with Who Threw and our Guildford-based Irish wordsmith Donall showed us the romanticism of the Empty Orchestra and explained that The Last Time I Saw Paris, I Didn’t See Paris At All, captured for your viewing here in Donall-vision:
Actress Marina showed us her audition monologue, the internal narration of girl named Kara from play “The Vic”, and Ania anthropomorphised her emotions into a lego-and-teddy-bear-based ode to the pangs of love. Visiting luminary Janice loved A Plain Man, admired Picasso’s Death’s Head, and got her brush out to Paint the Canvas Black. We then had a suite of announcements, as Alison read out some poems from her upcoming Michael Shamberg memorial reading (speak to her this week for more information on how you could get involved in it!), Lauren announced Paris Lit Up’s upcoming Slam Competition, and Dina and Maria leaked word of an upcoming Paris Lit Up Documentary which is looking for your words/tech expertise/enthusiastic lovely help to bring it into being!
Finally, spellbinding musician Milena sung the round to a beautiful close with Dirty Blonde and Split Me.

ROUND THREE has been eaten by dragons, but our hero Zorro has set off to get it back…



Annie Woodward is a grunge folk-rocker born and raised in Scandinavia who originally set out to write lyrics for other bands. Through her projects in theater Annie found her own voice in music and has been performing ever since.

She has played two independent tours, one European and one in Northern America. Annie spent most of 2014 couchsurfing and taking trains and buses across the US playing shows and making her first album.

This album, 2 faces on a clown is released on AmpÆr records, a small independent label founded by Annie and one of her childhood friends. Half of the record was produced by Mike Davidson in Boston and half by Sean Bloom in Los Angeles with the title-track produced by rock-singer Alexa Melo and mixed by Christian Hand who was the man behind the first Mowglis record. Annie’s first album is the result of crowd-funding, luck and “really good friends”.

The first single from 2 faces on a clown, Eager to talk debuted on Norwegian national radio summer of 2014. As of 2015 Woodward is again based in Oslo, Norway working with a full band and also writing and directing theater for her company Playroom. Easter 2015 she’s playing a few shows across Europe (and a show in London April 4th) with a longer European show planned for this summer.

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