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PLU Open Mic Featuring Ash Orphan

PLU Open Mic Featuring Ash Orphan

PLU Open Mic comes to you June 22 with the physically musical virtuosity and soulful singing of Ash Orphan!

Ash Orphan is an international self-taught musician (guitar, bass guitar and vocal) travelling between Los Angeles (California), Paris (France) and Melbourne (Australia). He played in several bands (Huxley Met Soda, L.E.D, Tarah Who?, Jane Gray Black Orphan) before stepping out as a singer-songwriter, sharing his worlds and his stories through his voice and a melodic percussive guitar playing.

Storyteller, he sings the adventure of a man who fell from the moon. This invitation is both a physical and mystical journey taking us – Moon children – to awareness and self-consciousness.

The Man Who Fell From The Moon album will be released in 2017.

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