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PLU Open Mic featuring Bibi Jacob

PLU Open Mic featuring Bibi Jacob

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Sean Simerly.

Yet another star-studded Thursday night at Culture Rapide with many new faces. With nearly 30 readers, musical performances, 6 virgin sacrifices and our glittery featured reader Bibi Jacobs, we closed the bar at 1 a.m.!

Round 1

Following (my devious) tradition, Kate Noakes stated us out with some Dylan Thomas, Lie still, sleep be calmed and her own The sun makes me want to run north followed by OBEYED. Peter Daniels, who performed Tuesday at Poets Live, read his own Hat & Pan and followed by his translation of Vladislav Khodasevich‘s 1925 The Stars,  inspired by a brothel. Michelle gave us a trio of A silent, cut off dead line then found herself Homeless, jobless, boyfriendless and This is why I can’t talk to you right now.  David Sirois brought in a new pigeon with Window ox pigeon and then took Kate’s lead using imperatives with Arrive. Sylvie, a virgin, gave us Emphatic deception and Shatter wholeness. Sean Simerly came out from behind the lens to play us a song for which he forgot the title but he sang Running from what’s real a few times during the chorus, so… Musical interlude concluded we went to Alexa, a Saturday Writer’s Group regular, and her Untitled. Steve read some more from his novel Welcome to the Abyss (i.e. Paris) and Lucy got mediaeval on our asses with MacBeth‘s soliloquy “Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow” only to set up her own Tomorrow retold: “Today, today, today…” All said and done, our special guest Bibi Jacobs took to the stage and read from her latest collection Glittery City, actually throwing glitter on the audience. Included were: They tell me (about the weight of her hair, if you didn’t see the previous photo…), Rachel as well as some glittery archeology like Double and then made the whole crowd go SHLAK like an ocean wave.

Round 2

Antonia jumped in with Pisces and Worshiping the lordship. Emily Ruck Keen, hostess extrodinaire, revealed Paris After Babel, Vanessa did an unfinished song then some Cindy Lauper. Alwyn, virgin, went all in with I am nobody’s nigger by Dean Atta followed by a dedication For her 21st. Peter Daniels gave us two more with his appropriately Paris XXX with Joan and a translation of Vladislav Khodasevich‘s 1921 Ballad of a heavy lyre. Vivienne, our most mature virgin, gave us Mrs. Pan and her Spinster’s revenge, Emily A told us about her adventures in Rue des trios frères. Camron wasn’t counting syllables nor rhyming all the time. The French Autriche, did some bilingual improvisational slam and we closed with Sean‘s sweet guitar sounds.

Hic sunt leones

…but that wasn’t enough: the alcohol got the best of us and so Johnny from Seattle channeled Mark Lydner, Ruth got Cocky at the supermarket, Alice was Fifteen and reminded us that You were made to be disposable. Sierra celebrated (?) the Three year anniversary of the abortion, but said Sorry mamma and then read Jack Gillbert’s Failing and flying. David Sirois got Lower and Gerrant, a talented Welsh performer, closed the evening with a guitar capo and The dark turned to light.

Then we were all drunk. See you next week.

Bibi Jacob studied literature at King’s College, Cambridge and theatre at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris. Having worked as a diamond messenger, busker, storyteller, tutor and theatre performer, she is now settled in the City of Light as a voice actor. Her writing has appeared in issue.ZEROThe BastilleParagramBelleville Park Pages and on the website. She regularly performs her work and her Poets Live reading marks the launch of her chapbook, Glittery City.

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