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PLU Open Mic featuring Boomie Aglietti

PLU Open Mic featuring Boomie Aglietti

Writeup by Emily Ruck rocket Keene, photos by Krystal Kenney

“What happened at Paris Lit Up open mic on October 2?” everyone’s asking. Well, don’t tell a soul, but…
Eliott READ FROM A BOOK! Chronos looked ravishing in a red wig and Hamza led the virginal troops with Oceanic Skin and Contrast. Charlie, a sort-of-virgin, read the world’s safest poem and lamented the loss of his je ne sais quoi, Isabelle brought a bouquet of purple and white flowers before whisking us off on her magic carpet, and Gus slammed us into silence before running off to finish his masterpiece. Hilary won herself a PLU First Award by taking her shoes of and taking a dip into the Culture Rapide floor, and Will shared some exciting updates about the awesome Belleville Park Pages. Anna jumped on her Harley Davidson, Dina willing sacrificed her virginity, Moe did his Moe-thing (Moe Poems, dont’cha know?) preparing the stage for our featured performer… the Boomalicious Birthday Boy Boomie, who had us all in tears (of laughter) with his Condiment Award and a really wanky banker.

Stop. Breathe.

Carry on.

Donald put us to shame with his words and the two friends he never met, we had more Moe with his beautiful Blue Bonnet girl, and virgin Nathalie answered Carlos Santana and told us where her God is (clue: on her Facebook page.) Chris gave a shout-out for the Montmartre Dionysia (all budding playwrights – submit!) and the our featured performer brilliant Boomie came back for more laughs with women & coconuts, star cross-eyed lovers and Perdita.

Virgin Kelly “walked through the scrambled bowels of the City of Light” and Julian read Impotence or Sex on Drugs. Virgin Dimitri (yes, another virgin!) timed himself to exactly 6 minutes and 7 seconds, and Christian restrained, fled, forgot, limited, regretted, dissected, then stopped. Lauren took us to the laundrymat and, did you know, Pluto isn’t a planet anymore?! Amruta wowed us with her incredible short story on Chai tea. Virgin Sarah dug “inside the concrete” and found the answer to why so many artists smoke. Kristen is not actually Kristen, and Troy (who loves Emily very much, officially) read his piece from the stunningly amazing PLU Magazine n°2 – have you seen it yet?!

Boomie Aglietti is a writer and performer who has brandished his absurdist monologues, tales, and vignettes in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. He particularly enjoys finding comedy in the emotional lives of objects and the human frailties of historical persons. In periods of time other than September 2013 through August 2014, he lives in LA, where he occasionally writes for television. He is half Belgian, so cilantro tastes like soap to him.

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