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PLU Open Mic featuring Boomie Aglietti

PLU Open Mic featuring Boomie Aglietti

Comic explosions, poetic bombs, linguistic shrapnel: yes, Paris Lit Up’s first Open Mic was definitely back with a BOOMie. With over 30 poets and performers, a packed audience and the most hilarious special guest ever, Thursday was explosive, to say the least. Plus the whiskey helped.

Round 1

Kate Noakes read Stay here long enough and you’ll start to feel cold and celebrated Dylan Thomas’ 100 year centennial with Fern Hill. Alex Mathei gave us Lesson #3. Lisa sang What did you do with my heart? then Paul Stephenson was Seeing John (and he won an award). James said I really respect those fucking pigs (the three little ones). Dana‘s Girlfriend had love gone wrong in Italy, but she Enjoyed life anyway. Ruth gave Lessons in Reduction, then told the Vera or Faith at Best. Johnny was banned for his unconventional Yelp Reviews. David Sirois flew back in with Vanity Pigeon and Pigeon Joy Division Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio. Boomie, with his special guest Jet Lag, defended someone accused of Clubbling to Death with a Croquet Mallet and got intimate with Napoleon’s bedroom relationship with the Mona Lisa.

Round 2

We started with Flora doing Cohen but were soon invaded by faux New Yorkers, NYU students who have apparently taken over Paris. Lauren, the NYU Ringleader started them off with Electric Avenue and Thoughts in a Seaside Village. Then: Brook with Real Estate and Bondage; Maggie gave The Gift, made the men in audience orgasm and me blush; Amy did some XXX; Richard pondered over the Final Girl (to die in a horror film). Jan gave us a musical interlude with I keep running to you but then the NYers were back with Nanaz (award for prettiest name) and her The room is filled wit the smell of sleep as well as Harvest; Will bore Witness, At the Park; Melissa, Poached Eggs, my favorite poem of the evening. Finally, Boomie came back and Pulled Himself Over Drunk and explored Number love between 8 and 11.

Round 3

More NYU invaders including: Megan, who gave Everything but the Details; Rick did a riff off an Arlo Guthrey song, Ode to Ellen Miles; Sarah, got into bed with Italian Farm Workers Paolo and Filippo; Liz Met an actor last week. With New york exhausted, we ended with Sierra‘s Innocence, Moon in Pisces and Paranoia; Troy York‘s Madman with Tits, although he told us to Keep Chuggin’ it; Evan talked about friends having babies with The First Time I Hold Sofie; David came back and looked into the Mirror and Lisa sang us out with Missing Pieces of You.


Boomie Aglietti is a writer and performer who has brandished his absurdist monologues, tales, and vignettes in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. He particularly enjoys finding comedy in the emotional lives of objects and the human frailties of historical persons. In periods of time other than September 2013 through August 2014, he lives in LA, where he occasionally writes for television. He is half Belgian, so cilantro tastes like soap to him.

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