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PLU Open Mic featuring Break a Leg

PLU Open Mic featuring Break a Leg

What fun, what laughs, what joy was had last Thursday, as we hosted readers, singers, musicians and, of course, our featured performers Break a Leg! Emily and René did some stage stealing/warming before inviting the talented troupe onstage for their three sketches. Henri and Carey started by trying to reignite the old flames despite distractions… Then – quick, get the kids out – we learned how internet dating can go horribly wrong with Damian and Julie…yikes… and (how crushingly ironic this one seems now) Nick and Damian finished with a good old British moan about “Some People”.

Break over, Brexit as yet not even a wave on the horizon, our euphoria was catching. Jason jumped on bus 26 and was suddenly illuminated by love and the tinkling of goat bells in Brittany. Moe was picking at his bones, and Vic got his guitar-ese on. PV Wolseley flashed us some Delacroix-inspired fiction and Chris-is-his-surname-Prose got invited to his ex’s wedding. Ugh. Plus he still loved her. UGH. Virgins Igor and Terry closed up the round with some mad magic on the guitars. Upon popular demand we broke the third round seal, and Sella, Moe, Damian, Lucas, Igor and Victor made it a cracking one.

Next time, Kale is on the cultural menu! Confused? Come and see…



Thursday June 30 features theatre group Break a Leg, made up of Carey Downer, Henri Rizk, Julie Kalya, Damian Corcoran and Nick Calderbank! Expect theatrics, antics and startling semantics. Regular sign-ups start at 8 for the open mic, we’ll get the party started around 8.30.

Black and white photos © Hormoz


3 couples, 3 sketches, 3 words : Couples Love Communication is a humorous and bitter sweet look at what keeps us from what we most want in the world.

These outlandish and original sketches have been written or adapted by members of the cast.
Perhaps we have simply dipped into the collective consciousness….

Break A Leg started in the 90’s bringing English comedies to Parisian theatres. Now fresh and funky theatre continues to be performed in lofts, libraries, basements, bars and bookshops.

The actors have enjoyed performing and directing together in Paris for the last 20 years and have all met in serendipitous ways :

Two met on tour in a play concerning death, the deceased’s ashes and a vacuum cleaner

Two others in a poetic piece about unrequited love, a statue and some poignant toe sucking

Another two in a children’s show about love, betrayal and a man’s profound belief that a good set of teeth are the greatest aphrodisiac ever.

Our most recent French addition joined the company after accidentally falling on top of another member in an improvised dance performance.

Break a Leg is always open to performance offers.


Carey Downer
Henri Rizk
Julie Kalya
Damian Corcoran
Nick Calderbank

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