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PLU Open Mic Featuring Cassidy Sacré

PLU Open Mic Featuring Cassidy Sacré

November 23 we welcome musician Cassidy Sacré performing from, in his own words “My ongoing battle with toad addiction.” Intrigued? So are we! You’ll just have to come along to Culture Rapide and discover his music for yourselves… Sign-up starts at 8pm, we hit the deck around 8.45pm. See you there.

Cassidy Sacré

In December 2016, two ethno-musicologists entered the Louisiana swamp hoping to catch their big break recording the “Dütsons”, an incestuous family cut off from the mainstream for six generations.
 One of them fell deeply in love with the eldest daughter while the other experimented with potent hallucinogens from swamp toads. 
The latter “Cassidy Sacré” was the only one to come back fostering speculation as to the actual events that unfolded. Here to tell you all about it, Cassidy blends this unique style of music with a deeply distorted view of reality in a segment called “My ongoing battle with toad addiction”.


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