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PLU Open Mic featuring Chris Newens

PLU Open Mic featuring Chris Newens

Just weeks before the third incarnation of Montmartre Dionysia, Paris’ premier independent anglo-theater competition, Paris Lit Up was honored to invite to our stage Chris Newens as our special guest performer. Since some drunk asshole forgot to charge the camera battery, there’s no visual proof that this evening ever took place except some blurry photos of very drunk people randomly floating around Facebook – happy hunting!

In any case, for those of you who don’t want to read any further, we had loads of performers including 5 virgins, 4 musicians, a naked man and lots of fun. I also indirectly offend someone at the end of the article. So you can just scroll down that far. If you’ve even made it this far. A free drink to anyone who has tomorrow.

Round 1

Moe Segar, the voice of Jazz Poetry, read Everybody got a bone to pick and How much? from his Moe Poems, David Leo Sirois flew in with Abstract photograph, Emma looked a lot like her sister and read I’m sweating followed by What an awful way to go, and finally our first virgin, Samuel came to stage with his black muse and read In long memory of Taunt Audette. Oh, and you can get more of him in PLU Magazine n°2!

Amel sang a sad song called U-Turn, Elliot turned the pages of his giant notebook with an extract from Chapter 4: Little Johnny along with some poems What you say to your friend and what you say in your poetry and a poem in Greek (!) roughly translated as The Skeleton Key. Elena, virgin, had nostalgia for Ireland, Naniso first told a South African story of redemption called That Mother Fucker and then got naked to the verses Baby got bus.

Finally, it was time for Chris Newens. He has recently started introducing himself as a “writer” at parties. In real terms, his day job is as an editor of erotic literature and paid up author of a book about the history of English baking. Theatre, though, is his passion (sex and bread notwithstanding). Recently, alongside Albert Alla he has helped established the Montmartre Dionysia, a biannual English language theatre festival in Paris. For PLU he had 2 scenes of his masterful rewriting of Henry IV recited by Moe, David, XXX (dammit, I forgot his name – and he was a great actor too!) and Alice.

Round 2

Victor started us off with a great musical duo with Evan Laflamme, followed by Kelly‘s Ode to Terance McKenna and The poetry their strikes again, Charlie came In from a bar in Italy and read So much happened to me this week, Christian caught a bad case of Philosofia Perennes but finally said History will decide, closing with In your name. Sarah read ‘Till I go, Julien dedicated a poem to my girlfriend To Anna and the tried to cover up for it by stating This is not a poem. DRNB, NY virgin, sang his Good to go girl with an mp3 band backing him, and Lauren closed the round with Water guns and Violet embers.

Round 3 – Hic sunt leones

(or: by this time we’re all drunk)

Fun King Nero made a musical guest appearance song with LaFlamme, Jordan metaphored his way through No way is up, Dina told us Why I left Russia, Troy York – also in PLU Magazine n°2 – read something about Mescaline and then Shot and killed someone. Tibaut, French virgin, finally proved that we don’t only do things in Greek and finally Daniela, the last virgin, asked How do birthdays work in heaven and did some investigative journalism when Holland Prohibits La Bise, but Matt said there Ain’t no time to close out the night with A beautiful thing. Whew!

Next week: Halloween Costume Contest! (and, in any case, PLU Open Mic is still free and open to everyone – really actually truly everyone,not just the people the hosts like – sign-up starts around 20h and goes all night. Have a beer, share your prose, poetry, songs or private diary with everyone, be loud, be free. No one here is making money off your poetry. #Booya.

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