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PLU Open Mic featuring Ciat Conlin

PLU Open Mic featuring Ciat Conlin

Last Thursday PLU Open Mic packed the house with over 25 performers, the burning ukulele of Ciat Conlin and a spacecake-fueled freestyle rap battle until 2 a.m.

It all started in Round 1 with the homecoming of L’Insassisable and his guitarist, Karim, rapping in French over an English-language chorus. René followed and played an original BobDylanesque song which provoked Ed to take off his shirt: #ToplessThursdays is now officially a thing. Krystin saved us from all the testosterone with an experimental poem Will (you), supported by Nick‘s excellent rendition of John Dunne’s The Apparition. Finally, a jet lagged James Jewell blew some Wasted guitar riffs, sprinkled with harmonica.

Our featured guest, Ciat Conlin, did, among other things, this:

Round Two

An absolutely amazing performance by Ambjörn reading Charlie Chaplin’s Dictator’s Speech and Daniel playing flamenco opened the second part of the evening (check out the video on Instagram). Max, virgin, read John Claire and replied to him. The natural segway to Maxx (note the difference in the number of Xs) couldn’t have been easier, DoubleX reading a three part rant/dedication to his home country Lebanon and Its symbol unto eternity. Flavie followed him singing Corax, and Lara had a whole list of #Anxiety. Marie announced a new transgender Open Mic, “Self-ish” at Berkeley Books of Paris and sang Dr. Dog’s Shadow people. Finally we got back to some old white man stuff with Harry Ham‘s WASP standup comedy performance. Ciat took to the stage again and you can catch more bits of his ukulele magic on Instagram.

Round Hic Sunt Leones

For all the uninitiated, Hic Sunt Leones is where anything can happen. Essentially, the host is drunk, the audience rowdy and the music loud. So we let Victor round up the herd with a loud then soft then loud folk extravaganza, followed by Conor reading from a singe-edition book he published ten years ago, lost and recently found again. Maria, together with her faithful Chihuahua sidekick Lina, Fell in love at the cinema. Chris Newens told us some stuff about the upcoming Fourplay competition and then read the acknowledgements from Geoff Dyer’s Paris Trance, attempting to obtain any interpretive explanation from the audience. Ed tried, Maxx interrupted. The whole thing didn’t really work. We moved on to Andrea‘s Raging poetry interrupted by Sella‘s standup comedy about marijuana. There was obviously no relation whatsoever between her jokes and her actual condition. Or if there was, it was complete coincidence. So Max the now not virgin came back and dedicated one last piece to the magical plant before your humble host tried to kick everyone out. Actually that didn’t end up happening until around 2 a.m. after a long freestyle rap battle that still left the host the undisputed drunk freestyle champ of Thursday evenings. The glove has been thrown…


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This week’s Open Mic features the burning hot ukulele of Ciat Conlin, as well as Ciat himself. Wear your leis and bring some coconuts ’cause this is gonna be one helluva luau! Free sign up starts at 20h and we’ll take anything you’ve got to give us: writing, spoken word, slam, music, dance or your middle school grade reports.

Ciat Conlin is a musician and writer currently living in Paris. Prior to coming to France, he lived through out the U.S., including several years in Salt Lake City, Florida, and the basement of a ship. He’s currently working on recording an album this will be out this summer, and his music can be heard at He likes candles, other people’s letters, and long walks alone in the dark.

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