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PLU Open Mic featuring David Cooke

PLU Open Mic featuring David Cooke

Cool September nights in Belleville on fire with David Cooke and the long-awaited announcement of the Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 Launch Party announcement!

Bill started us off with a stark reminder of September, 11th – follow the money, he said. Chronos got translated by a random victim in the audience and Elliot recited Hugo. James (still looking for employment) fell into a sonnet trap, aided by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Nick, with his perfect diction, did the first verse of Coleridge‘s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner followed by Moe‘s Homage to a Dead Man, She and He – then finishing with Mantía. Bob took us on a Roman Holiday before getting down to work: our featured reader David Cooke, masterfully bashed through 8 beautiful poems from his various collections including Visiting, To Proust, The Gambler, For the Good and Man on Wire and Lovers at the Bastille.

Round 2 brought us much beer and: Victor and this Amazing Flying Guitar, Megan and her seasonal depression, Julien, Virgin, brought his The Heat and then a Kiss. Elise, Virgin, told us Last Night I Dreamt and then she Smoked. Since all good things come in threes, Alice, Virgin, sang songs from Wales. Donald came back from vacation for his Birthday (!) and Remi brought around Belleville Park Pages n°23, accompanied by Sex & Candy on the guitar. Zorro dashed in for some Foucault à la MacBeth, Lily – yet another Virgin – snuck in with Strip Malls, Bob came back only to be usurped by Mr. Troy York‘s WHAT THE FUCK IS UNDER THAT DRESS?



David Cooke was born in Wokingham, although his family roots are in the West of Ireland. He won a Gregory Award in 1977 and published his first collection, Brueghel’s Dancers in 1984. His retrospective collection, In the Distance, was published in 2011 by Night Publishing and a collection of more recent pieces, Work Horses, was published by Ward Wood Publishing in 2012.  His poems, translations and reviews have appeared widely in journals in the UK, Ireland, and beyond including Agenda, Ambit, The Bow Wow Shop, The Critical Quarterly, The Frogmore Papers, The Interpreter’s House, The Irish Press, The London Magazine, Magma, The Morning Star, The North, Orbis,  Other Poetry, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry London, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Reader, The SHOp and Stand.  Two Rivers Press will be publishing his new collection, A Murmuration, in 2015.

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