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PLU Open Mic featuring David S. Jaggard

PLU Open Mic featuring David S. Jaggard

PLU was in a sunny yet satiric mood on Thursday, thanks to our featured reader David Jaggard. Nick started us off with “I am an hobo” (pronounced oboe) and the ‘benefits’ of being homeless, and Sean’s beautiful voice was the perfect foreplay to Sommer’s first time! Another first-timer, Grey Space, might have lost his red pen, but none of his theatricality (plus full marks for printing out copies for everyone)

 massive words with sharp edges

Bea read from Cesare Pavese in Italian and English, and explained her little red dress…

The cats will know

A shoeless Kate gave us three of her poems: “The Honey Lady”, “Evaporation as Prayer” and “Heir Apparent”, all from her most recent collection I-spy and Shanty, and Joseph lost his virginity (he’d never ever read his poetry aloud before!) with his pieces “Bad Love” and “Poetic Lover”. He was also the filmmaker for David Jagger, our featured reader. You can see his performance here!

Bob went all historical on us, and chose a translation of some Occitan poetry from the 12th century, and Steve read the first page of his new book “You don’t look like a trucker. They were both full of sh*t and c*nts. Literally.

Which provided a rather unexpected segway into David Jaggard’s (our featured performer) set. He treated us to some titbits from his new e-book “Quorum of One”, available online now if you fancy a giggle!

Love is… never having to say “Officer?!”

After the break, David came back and gave us a Q&A. Catherine played away her melancholy at leaving Paris (we will miss her a lot)…

People are a tricky thing to hold

…Kimberley’s rump was ready for roasting, and Bob swept us up that Blue River. Liam from Stanford University gave us some San Franciscan grunting, and Megan taught us some “Lessons on Entitlement”, which reminded host Emily of this video here. Lucy filmed her, and you can check out Megan, on-stage, here!

While we waited for Fun King Nero to tune up, your aforementioned host read “The Inevitability of No Missed Calls”, and then the man in question played us “Monsters” from his upcoming EP. Troy Breezed on stage with his usual finesse, and Sean played us one more tune before David saw us out with his brilliant “Stay Where You’re Born” (THUMP!)

See you next week, same time same place.. and probably some of the same people!

This Thursday, Paris’ most super duper awesomist Open Mic is still open: sign up starts around 20h and is free to all, all night long. Read, sing, dance or shout in the company of our rowdy but receptive international crowd. All languages welcome.

David Jaggard is our special guest this week. A Paris resident since the early 1980s, he is a humorist, composer, journalist, translator and food fiend. Unfortunately, only two of those activities pay the bills. When not paying bills he writes the regular humor columns “C’est Ironique” on and ³The Ranting Frenchologist² on A selection of his satire pièces published on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Yankee Pot Roast and The Big Jewel was recently released by Drake Mabry Publishing under the title  “Quorum of One.” James Joyce is quoted in one source as saying, “Reading David Jaggard changed my life. Not much, and for the worse, but changed.”

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