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PLU Open Mic featuring Davy Lyons

PLU Open Mic featuring Davy Lyons

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by Emily Ruck Keene.

The man with the best voice in Paris was our special guest, but…more of the stupendous Davy Lyons in a minute.

We were delighted to celebrate the international scene this week – when in Rome speak French remember – as not only did we have three locals in the form of Jim, Siham reading Rimbaud as he should be, and the rappy Un = Zero, but Kaisa read some Finnish we could all follow, Rasa emptied us out in Lithuanian, and Emily learnt how to pronounce Ozymandias – the first time anyone has read any Shelley at Open Mic. Hurrah for tradition.

Yann took up the hollow thread with his Hacktivist and wikipedia pages being ‘redacted, redacted, redacted,’ while Jason was busy staring at a photograph that kept fading in and out of focus, and Troy had a hole in his side as he tried to redeem the moon hooker.

Filming her life in Paris, Denise found a sister to be the daughter her parents always wanted. Ever mindful Bill was busy The Day after Amateur Night, concerning himself with Middle Class Shopping Habits and Alice read from her diary and her book of Miserable Poetry.

To cheer us from all this gloom – must be the new year blues, not helped my me reading Dylan Thomas’ Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night – laughter was provided by Lucy’s recitation of Emergency Exit Rows and her having been trained to climb out of windows, and Beatrice with The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly, while Boomie riffed on Frost’s The Woods in Snow taking on the persona of the horse.

Women brave enough to go up against Davy were the splendid Flora, Ruth and Lisa. And then came the man himself. Davy wowed us for a super set of songs. It was an absolute pleasure to hear him murder several lovers all over again. If you missed him, then what were you thinking? No really, what were you thinking?


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