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PLU Open Mic featuring Dominic Stevenson

PLU Open Mic featuring Dominic Stevenson

A bit like – but mostly not at all like –  Noah’s ark, Culture Rapide played vessel to a menagerie of beasts on Thursday, March 31, for our weekly Paris Lit Up open mic night! Dominic Stevenson traveled the stormy seas of La Manche to read for us as our Featured Reader and participant in the PLU Mini Writing Residency.

Elisa was in town to baptize the evening with songs from her album “Men I Want to Sleep With”, including her now-famous ode to One Direction. Moe had some Moe Poems and memories of Agadir, René only went and built a time machine, but had his Wikipedia entry all wrong. Alison read a beautiful piece about the decay of beauty (Baudelaire was smiling down – or up -) and Leonora found herself on a carrousel that kept on spinning. The very charmante Mara came back with part 2 of her poem from this time last year (!) and Yann read the Florida Daily News: “Florida Man Ignores Warning and is Struck and Killed by Train” and “Florida Man has Friend Email Him Rattlesnake in a Coffee Can”. Connor’s old man, with his “old he-goat face”, was upset (probably due to Connor’s description of him) and Mallory only went and brought a bloody harp to knock our knickers off. Featured Reader Dominic Stevenson sailed us into harbor with poems that included these words…

Twitchy beardies                “a nodding bobble head”                       #FucktheQueen                        “a picket-full of exes”

Shirley says                                       Pugs on a tube                          “sometimes you should be arrested for gloriousness

The pirates invaded for round two…

Thomas warmed our wet bones with his wozziwombulus (sp?), Greg was “confused by the rhythms and still we dance”, and Steve (our Featured Reader next week!) introduced the creepy Fabio from his novel (“The adventure was not an adventure without an adventure”.) Poke-my-hontas Rose ruined our Disney dreams and Yael told us to stop writing about love “….Tell them. Tell her the more she talks the more she is beautiful.” Dominic came back with more from his collection The Northern Line, and Elisa had everyone uncomfortable then pleasantly surprised with her song “Fake Rape”, steering us towards the musical finishing line of our voyage. Ed and saxy Josh honored Led Zeppelin, and Sella was stellar on her keyboard with I Swear (“hit me another hit of perspective.”) Like a ship’s figurehead (I’m really enjoying this extended metaphor), Mallory held her harp strong and sang The National as we sailed into the night.

PLU’s Mini Writing Residency is proud to host Dominic Stevenson this week for a featured performance at PLU Open and a writing workshop to be held at Berkeley Books of Paris on Saturday. For everyone else, sign up is free all night long for poetry, prose, music, theater and stupid human tricks starting at 20h.

Dominic Stevenson is a writer and creative educationalist from the north of England who now lives in London. His first full collection, The Northern Line, was published by Winter Goose Publishing in March 2015, and his second, I Can’t Find Me, is due out in March 2016.

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