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PLU Open Mic feat. Dylan Harris’ Anticipating the Metaverse

PLU Open Mic feat. Dylan Harris’ Anticipating the Metaverse

Hosted by JFMcG. Photography by  2014 Brett Walsh |

A digital tragedy forced us to slightly postpone the posting of this report. Clearly, my alcohol consumption over the past few weeks has prevented me from remembering any of the details. But here’s what I wrote down…


Annie, the newest editor on the PLU staff, read stuff she wrote at  Kate Noakes’ Sunday Writing Workshop, Revisiting Prague and Istanbul. Bill still has his Staircase Humor after 35 years in Paris “Would you smile and forgive me when I forget my lines?” Steve novel excerpts about Rum Surfing. Matt from Manchester lost his Virginity on stage with Mr. Bliss. Sorrell went on an Unititled Buddhist Retreat as a Virgin and came back an experienced whore. Sean Simerly decided to Run with his guitar, run with him at http://seansimerly.comMoe jazzed it up with Everybody got a bone to pick, The Day James Brown Died and Peacock Palace. Quitterie got Hot between the Lattices and has No Home Anymore. Catherine played her magical ukulele, singing “I was a pearl with a lot of dreams”. Featured reader Dylan Harris from Corrupt Press launched his Anticipating the Metaverse with a slew of clever, quick witted technological gems like Quantum Mechanics, The Mind of a Machine, Jumbo Crash, Simulation, World Justice, Interference Wrinkles.


Simerly came back with a Story to TellJim read in French over Yann Tiersen‘s AmelieDavid Sirois talks To a Gerbera Daisy in a Glass at a Pigeon ConventionVanessa sang a new song that was a poem on a guitar. Remi and his brother Yannick did an Australian rendition of Elliot Smith‘s Waltz #2Dylan Harris was the first reader ever to read in FlemishBeau Jackson was prepared for her de-Virginization by publishing her Animal Forces in Belleville Park Pages #16, then we took care of the rest… Matt submitted Michael and then he Kicked AboutAnnie was hot in her Body but then and to make ChoicesSteve ended his painful existence as a Virgin by telling the tale of the Morphing Mistress of the Mountain and Catherine sang us home again on her ukulele.

Plus this week we have a man to be super nice to. Don’t forget to buy him a beer ’cause someday he might publish you. Dylan Harris was born in the UK. Just before the launch of Sputnik in Dublin, he cofounded & coöperated Wurm. Im Apfel (in Paris), he launched poets live and corrupt. Press (in Luxembourg), he hasn’t done much, yet his books include Antwerp and the new Anticipating the Metaverse. See more info at:


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