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PLU Open Mic Featuring Eduardo Pisani

PLU Open Mic Featuring Eduardo Pisani

Excuse the rushed version of this. You host wrote loads more then it crashed and everything was deleted. Rage. Anyway…

Gunpowder, fireworks, burning men. None of this happened on November 5, but we nevertheless had some explosive poetry, prose and music to light up our evening, including Eduardo – our Featured Reader – with pieces from his collection “Les poèmes tout nus”.

Round one

René lit the first match with some pretty fiery competitive yoga, Maxx read us three pieces, including Ophelia and “breath fiddling across our stringed lips”, and Yasser pleased the philosophers, hispanophones and many others with Neruda. Scott had a public service announcement about niche dating sites (very eye-opening) and Elisa read an extract from her novel: date night! Blue Wit seemed to be the only ones who really did “remember, remember, the fifth of November”, so kudos to them. Steve (is back!) tried to separate his eyes from his thighs in a strip club, and ended up being the better person. Maria showed us a selection of her web videos: guides for us poor non-Parisians on how to live, work and love in this city, and Featured Reader Eduardo was the tip to the PLU flame as he read in roaring tones from his collection “Les poèmes tout nus”.

Round two

VIRGIN Oscar bravely lost his v-plates with “Conneticut” and “Mike”, Eduardo came back for a last blast of naked poems, and Dennis also had his first time on the PLU stage. Lys, René and VIRGIN Ronald from Toronto all borrowed Rafiq’s guitar and serenaded us, some more literally than others… Adé had some words for Mr First Black President, and your host then forced Elisa to sing her One Direction song twice. Well, there have to be some perks to the job.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November! Join us for a fire-filled night of explosive performances with our special guest Eduardo Pisani. The stage is open to one and all, sign-up at 20h until late. Music, poetry, song, dance, prose or (small) explosives are all welcome!

Eduardo Pisani is a poet. He is more commonly known as Eduardo. He has been publishing one poem online per day since June 15th, 2015 on his blog Les poèmes tout nus:

*photo courtesy of Vignale

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