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PLU Open Mic featuring European Son

PLU Open Mic featuring European Son

We continue the month of August with another fantastic feature and atmospheric ambiance on August 10 by European Son. Come sign up from 20h with our heroic host, Troy.

Ludwig Dosch (European Son) is a poet and musician who takes inspiration from the music from the 60s and 70s as well as from his writings and colorful life to create his own take on modern rock & roll music.

He was born in Aachen, Germany and has made his way over the Netherlands, Barcelona, and Berlin to now living permanently in Paris. While the first European Son EP „Sorrows of the Young“ is a proper Alternative Rock record, which was recorded in a studio in Berlin with a whole band, when he performs solo the songs are highly centered around the lyrics. Their themes range from anything from wisdom, love and nature to beauty and nightly escapades. The biggest inspirations are probably Hermann Hesse, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan.

The name European Son describes the philosophic and artistic heritage that generations of European artists have left the people growing up today as well as simply pointing out his diverse personal history in many different European countries.

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