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PLU Open Mic feat. Evan Laflamme

PLU Open Mic feat. Evan Laflamme

Finishing out the summer with style in three long rounds of poetry, music and prose together with our special (jet-lagged) guest Evan Laflamme from Los Angeles, CA. A rip roaring Round 1 saw a plethora of anglo accents starting with Charlotte and her Idea of the lightning bug, Be kind to the wolf and a dedication to Rodin’s Kiss. Swinging for the States was Vesko‘s bilingual Carnivalesque, followed by the boy wonder from down under, Thomas recounting the travails of a poet to recover language in his beautiful Lost for words. Vic put a little French-Calypso beat to Throw me open the door and James reminded us that You are born from water, finishing off with The woman in the story. Henry did some hot freestyling and Talking about sex. Evan took to the stage with his horn and his falsetto voice to test run a new piece he wrote while severely under the influence of global travel, and it went a little something like this:

Round 2 began with a feature presentation of a film Henry directed called Danny Dynamite warming the comedy crowd up for René‘s meeting of Alison and Jesus in the Boulangerie: Alison then accomplished her first miracle by multiplying bread for everyone in the audience. Her second miracle would then be demonstrated on stage with her Close your eyes. L’insaissisable sang his big heart out on stage with Soleil‘s sweet melodies accompanying him. Then David got lost in his Electrosteam, Belarus virgin Elena spoke of Love and responsibility (we think), Blue Wit came back with Catullus 5 and 7… which was about sex, too. Amruta read Soap by the Indian poet Nissim Ezekiel before Evan jammed again.


Round 3 – Hic sunt leones included Milena‘s last performance at PLU before leaving for London (we’re gonna miss you!), Eduardo‘s Italo-french La pute de Belleville, Denis on guitar, virgin, and his Blood red skies, Nicole, yet another virgin, trying to remember Anesthesia, Simon – three virgins in a row! – read Life is and Moe insulted the audience while jamming on Ray Charles.





This week’s Open Mic stage will feature the multitalented Evan Laflamme! As always, sign-up is free and open to all, all night long, starting at 20h. Poetry, prose, standup, dance, music: no rules, no limits, no bells or whistles.

Evan Laflamme is an inspired artist, performer, producer and composer looking to continue developing his skills while collaborating with other musicians and writers. His favorite instruments to play are saxophone and guitar and he also has a few composition degrees. He considers himself a permanent student of music. Over the past year he’s parted from a full-time role as an educator in order to fully immerse in writing, producing and performing. During this time he’s catalogued and published over 50 cues for television and film, both independently and in collaboration with other producers. As a performer, he’s been featured as a saxophonist, fluter and guitarist under a couple different record labels, while continually working to expand his network with other musicians and writers. He’s also released an EP featuring work with some incredible artists. In addition to that, he’s had the privilege of producing a few projects for other friends and artists, not only around Boston but also internationally in Paris and London.

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