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PLU Open Mic featuring Fourplay

PLU Open Mic featuring Fourplay

Foreplay Fourplay-ing. Haircutting. Rapping. Dickpicking. Guitaring. Pianoing. Poetising. Prosing. Joshing. Only some of these are real words, but the PLU Open Mic on Thursday December 3 was all real… (that’s some quality clickbait there.)

René opened the show with some dick-pics at a call centre, and the night would get progressively less predictable from here on. Josh provided musical support for almost everyone: Maria (Evita, lovely), Sella (the black cat who balanced her keyboard on my shoulder) and VIRGIN Erin (Living in Midnight). We saw the crazy sides of both Alison and Ryan as she cut his hair into what can only be described as a mullet live on stage:

Fourplay, our VIPs, came to the stage to introduce themselves. There’s an interview here (shameless plug) if you need to know all the details, but essentially they’re a brand new arts collective that are doing some really cool stuff with theatre. For our first round, Chris and Alice the curators teamed up with Josh R for some farcical role-playing.

Rrrrround two began with a rip-roaring game of Just a Minute, your host’s favourite radio show, in which we learnt that Josh Cake is a master of all skills, and can talk about anything for a really really long time. Rose had an announcement about this Wednesday’s acoustic guitar project, and Cecilia considered from her book. Mallory wowed us with her acapella performance, Lorenzo added some Italian flavour with Dante, Allison D read from Mervyn Peak, Yasser was a hungry hungry woman (Dominique Lowell) and Maria introduced us to more of Paris in her video tutorials.

Then there was a rap battle…

For this special edition of PLU Open Mic, we’re bringing you Paris’ newest underground theater venture, Fourplay! For everyone else, sign-up is open from 20h onwards: bring your voice, your strings and your beer goggles!

Fourplay is a new arts collective and concept. Combining all elements of art, from theatre to photography, writing to sculpture, it will provide a platform for artists and enthusiasts to communicate and collaborate on new and innovative projects.

The first instalment of Fourplay is a theatre competition consisting of four plays which must all use the same four props and be based around the theme NOW. Each play will be a maximum of 20 minutes long, and will be judged on their approach to the criteria.
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