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PLU Open Mic featuring Fun King Nero

PLU Open Mic featuring Fun King Nero

Review by Kate Noakes, Photographs by Frederic.

We held onto our knickers for our super special guest Fun King Nero, who entertained us right royally, playing all our favourites like Ohio, Audrey Tautou and Jenny the Cleptomaniac. What a regal night of song it was. Peter may be king, with an album coming out in January next year, but he needs to watch out or he might just lose his crown to the musical Queens of Open Mic Flora, Jan and Vanessa. Fabulous all.

Not to be upstaged, the wordsmiths put on a good show. Master of the Roles, Chris Newens, made a welcome return to Paris with the sole aim of discovering the hidden actor in all of us. His opening request for talent to join him in a scratch production that very night was answered and we were treated to a futuristic new play, set in a small town in Minnesota.

Anti-monarchy were all who read in French: Edwin and Alice rapping, one with a beat and one without, Bob being alone, and Eliott, who kept on searching, even though he’d already found Auden and Alice Walker. He should talk to Anita about All the Spaces between Us.

Court Jester and chief distributor of the cakes and ale, the inimitable Boomie, reminded us of fifty years of JFK, while Ana brought back semblance of order, reading a nocturne in Spanish for when words can’t cure society, or Michelle’s self-broken heart.

Engaged in their own realm of language experiment was Jason, first in uncharacteristically romantic mood, before more Luca, and Jenna, who had google write her poem for her. Lazy girl. Off with her head!

More from Buck House next week. Bring your own Corgi.




Fun King Nero

Originally from Liverpool, England, Fun King Nero (real name: Peter Deaves) is a political-activist turned musician and writer who has travelled the world in search of stories to tell, and tasty licks to tell them to. His forthcoming album is based on his experiences on the political trail around Europe, working on elections in the UK, France and the United States and all that entails and – and indeed foremost – the people met on the way. It speaks of accidentally-poetic Chicagoens; the lawless catacombs of Paris; fatally trying to chat up to a French aristocrat in St Michel; how everyone is somehow dissatisfied with their lives; of pounding pavements in the sleepy state of OHIO because for one day it’s the most powerful place in the world; about wanting to be 8 again; about indecision. Why is he called Fun King Nero? You’ll have to ask him….

Check out the video of him preforming “Audrey Tautou”

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