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PLU Open Mic featuring James Jewell

PLU Open Mic featuring James Jewell


PLU Open Mic got more than its share of music and excitement on June 23, featuring the transporting sounds of James Jewell on guitar/harmonica/foot tapping.

Round one started with Gene, the self-described ‘son of a survivor’, who sang a song about the jewish traditions, touching on daven and tefillin, rolling off the rockin’ chorus ‘I sit, shower and shave’ If you’re interested in singing it yourself, the chords were C – F – G – Am – F – G – C.

PV Wolseley read one of her pieces inspired by Louvre art, this one about Nike (the goddess, not the shoe company), inviting all to ‘have her hover over the roof of your rolls’ and reminding that ‘her very wings move in time.’

Lara satyrized the quizz from designed to determine if someone is struggling with internet addiction, reformulating the questions to more properly reflect the real questions one should ask a potentially internet addicted person such as ‘the length of time you have gone without doing the dishes’ and ‘how much time do you spend looking for a soulmate on World of Warcraft.’

Ray recited two poems, about ‘always wanting the range rover’, being ‘all back with my black soldiers’ and ‘learning swahili so I can speak freely.’

Ash sang two covers, notably of ‘I sleep with covers’, so though we’ve come to appreciate his original work we can also understand that he’s no stranger to covers and he does interpret them beautifully.  

Mel read from her ‘red diary’ of wings tainted, of frantic fingertips, of lying dead inside, of remembering someone who dressed in maps and symbols of all the places she wanted to visit.

René read a piece about accompanying his daughter on her first day of high school and getting ditched on the way.

James featured, singing beautifully and transporting the audience to many places. Really, he ‘had a thought and the road began.’ He graciously dedicated on of his songs to Emily’s dog Molly.

Round two kicked off with Yaël doing a standup routine about growing up in La Réunion and also about being touched by priests, especially the fingers part of the priest.

Moe did a vibrant exposition on the weight of racially charged words and the temptation that artists may often have to appropriate them.

James played one more, a song about his grandmother, another about his cat.

Gene, AKA Geno Karachi, followed with more music.

Rachel read some poetry, apologizing for reading it off her phone and explaining that she’s a millennial, about how her mother told her ‘how big her head was,’ about having a big head and no sense of danger, only shelter enough to contain howls.

Vic sang the calypso song ‘Too much collaba, Teresa.’

Eiram Ray sang the Rita Mitsouko song ‘Andy.’

Leo closed the evening singing his eco-sympathetic  music, paying tribute to the resistance in the Niger Delta and Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

This Thursday June 23, be ready to get your toes a tappin to our featured performer, James Jewell! Sign-up for the open mic starts at 8, for an 8.30/45 start.

James Jewell, best known for his lectures on “How not to make it in the music business”, is a jack of all trades, rambling man, singer songwriter, filmmaker and sometimes slave to the big system to make a buck. He and his wife Kara have been kind of nomadic wanderers from their home in the hills of Pennsylvania to Nashville, Los Angeles, Toronto and now Paris, France. James songs have a strong sense of his Pennsylvania roots while being influenced by the weird and wonderful adventures he and his wife have experienced. James has now been part of the Paris scene for almost five years.

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