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PLU Open Mic featuring James Loks

PLU Open Mic featuring James Loks

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Anni Maarit Photography.

Due to the fact that too many extracurricular substances were consumed during last Thursday’s Open Mic, I forgot to bring the magic notebook on vacation. So no official report, for now… But we do have some spectacular photos from Anni Maarit Photography!




Making a very rare appearance on any stage anywhere, but gracing ours this week is James Loks, who lives with his fiancé in Paris. He is a staff writer at ArtSlant and his poetry and prose have appeared in Uncommon guide books, PLU, Issue Zero, La Bastille, Navigator, New York V.2 and CORE, to name the most recent. He has had one very small book published called l’enregistrement.

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