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PLU Open Mic featuring James Navé

PLU Open Mic featuring James Navé

Photos courtesy of Sarah Dawson Photography.

Jam packed Thursdays at PLU Open Mic, standing room only, unless you’re a dirty hippie happy sitting on the floor…

Réné channeled The Bangles and Tom Petty simultaneously, singing Eternal Flame like a creepy old man. Steve pre-launched his Welcome to the Abyss (official launch March 25th at Berkeley Books), Charlotte‘s hair is much darker, making her Kiss a Walrus in the Board Meeting. Then she shared Edward Thomas‘s Parting. David explored Spacerooms and Bosco like a Boss. Tasha, our first virgin of the evening, pre-launched her new publication, reading The Girls and Worm. No relation. Milena stole her ex’s new girlfriend’s coat but in exchange dedicated her a poem: Indie Major. Ed sang Neruda‘s bossanova classic Puedo Escribir while Rafic strummed and kept strumming right through our featured guest James Navé.

Round 2

Vladimir, a virgin, also deflowered PLU: he brought our very first olfactory performance, which included a sound machine, a poem…and his virgin mother, Nina. Claire, more virgin blood, provided proof that Beyoncé is Crazy in Love. Lovely Kate took two nights out: Whores and Bask. No relation. Lev, yet another virgin, Frenchized the evening and Bibi then Raise(d) it Up. Ethan finally got around to making his Valentine’s Day declarations. Better late than never. More Navé, this time reading Charles Wright. More beer.

Round 3

Late night, still full: Tuqan recited ancient Arabic verses from 1500, Missy sang about her beloved Mississippi with her hubby Jelle, Maxx brought two Xs to his Bedtalk, remembering When I (he) loved. Thomas Hit Me. Ouch. Amruta is a Girl. Big surprise. Kelly dedicated Gold to “him”… and “he” was in the audience. Oh là là. Daniel couldn’t stand the Unbearable Lightness of Tinder. DRnB found a Remedy (hint: she has two legs) and Fun King Nero sang us home echoing Bob Dylan.

PLU Open Mic this week welcomes a special guest and longtime friend, all at the way from the good ol’ US of A, James Navé!

Make sure you check out the workshop he’ll be doing next week:

For over twenty-five years, poet, public speaker, creative strategist, and arts entrepreneur James Navé has spent his time working globally as a facilitator and presenter in workshops, assembly programs, conferences, salons, and creativity coaching situations. He is one of the pioneers of the spoken word movement having Co-founded Poetry Alive!, a theater company, which has performed poetry for over ten million students (K-12) throughout America. He and author Julia Cameron founded The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp in Taos, NM. He is involved in some of the country’s longest running poetry and arts events, including The Lake Arts Festival, where he has been Poetry Director and Slammaster for twenty years; TEDxNewYork Salons, where he participates as an organizing member and facilitator; The louder ARTS Project in New York, where he serves as an advisory board member; and the Taos Poetry Festival, of which he is Festival Director.

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