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PLU Open Mic featuring Jane Ormerod

PLU Open Mic featuring Jane Ormerod

Sheltered from the shivering winter winds, tucked safe inside Culture Rapide last Thursday, our regular Open Mic antics were (for the very first time!) hosted by the newest member of the PLU crew Zorro Maplestone, who had the honour of presenting our featured guest, the powerful and vibrant experimental-rock-and-roll poet Jane Ormerod!

Round 1:

Kicking off this night of poesis was our very own fearless host Jason with a spittle-charged translation of some of Ghérasim Luca’s f-bombs. Following him was Moe Seager, who leant his voice to the words of Somalian, Sudanese, and Afghan poets. Then, in a daring move, René read us his 1000 Euro List, a depressing series of ways he could put the winnings of the Paris Lit Up short story competition towards. Sultry songstress Anna gave us a passionate rendition of Bang Bang, while for his LAST NIGHT, Elliot read us 2 more RED chapters from his self-dubbed “queer psychopath novel”, as well as a farewell poem for his upcoming odyssey. Αντίο Elliot, θα χάσετε! Kelly sang out a stirring When the Saints Go Marching In while basking in the Holy Light of Day, whereas Allan took a Walk in the Moonshine, and finally, David Leo Sirois, Keeper of the Open Secret and Pontifex of Pigeonkind, gave an ode to the current inhabitants of Gaul. After such an introduction, our featured reader Jane Ormerod, read a number of her works with mounting intensity, asking us such questions as “Do you know of pains that do not smell?/Do you know of smells that do not pain?”, informing us that “there is a small boy in a cardigan inside us all”, and warning us that “love is a technocrat”.

Round 2:

Round two started strong and steady as husband-and-wife duo Christian and Maria (herself a virgin, as well!) performed one after the after in both English and French. Stephanie gave us an insight into the stressful life of a Nude Model, a work published in one of Jane’s press’s compilations and featured reader Jane Ormerod left us clamouring for more after the titular piece from her book Recreational Vehicles on Fire. To follow such a powerful piece, Ray Knight dropped a truth-bomb in the harsh light of the Arkansas Sun, a rap dedicated to what would have been the 20th birthday of Trayvon Martin, while actress Marina delivered a monologue for “the anthems of our collective youth” with a final homage to Sylvia Plath. Thomas spoke with six-winged and bloody-handed seraphim in Pushkin’s The Prophet, Amrutha rewove and inverted the classic Bollywood love triangle into an envious coffee date for three, and Alison read us her stained glass poems from the Isle of Iona. Afterwards, Ania gave us the gospel of the Morningstar himself, with a reading from the novel I, Lucifer, while Megan proved herself to be Delicate in learning A Lesson on Patience, and lastly Lauren explained to us why smoking can seem so cool: “The only physical damage that society doesn’t care about.”

Round 3: Hic Sunt Dragones

Daniel told us about Indian love stories, Proust meeting Pollock, and why your dick does not belong inside the internet; Rosy, a musical virgin, struck our hearts with Rather Be; Nina read us her works Samaritaine and The Dying Whale; Antoine, another virgin, gave us a Spanish interlude on The Pilo Castigo; DRNB powered out the rock within his soul’s Tapestry, Agostin, yet another virgin showed us how Argentinians treat Los Amigos; and finally Maggie, the night’s final virgin, strummed the night away with a song inspired by D.H. Lawrence.



Jane Ormerod is the author of Welcome to the Museum of Cattle (Three Rooms Press, 2012), Recreational Vehicles on Fire (Three Rooms Press, 2009), the chapbook 11 Films (Modern Metrics/EXOT Books, 2008), and the spoken word CD Nashville Invades Manhattan. She is a founding editor at great weather for MEDIA, an independent press focusing on edgy and experimental poetry and prose. Originally from the south coast of England, Jane now lives in New York City and performs across the United States and beyond.

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