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PLU Open Mic featuring Jenna-Marie Warenecke

PLU Open Mic featuring Jenna-Marie Warenecke

Apparently, the cheaper the better. Or maybe it was just Jenna‘s good looks that attracted all the Virgins. And Australians. Fact is, PLU was PACKED!

Round 1
Moe Seager‘s jazz voice dedicated one poem to the dead, Sonny and Silvia Miller, and one to the living, Oblivion Magic. Beatrice loaned Dylan Thomas’ Should lanterns Shine and Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day some of her mediterranean charm. Eliott shamed us again with his capacity to memorize foreign language poets (Emily Dickenson) and he still cherche encore…. Emily Ruck no hyphen Keen read from B is for Bad Poetry: “Every time I see your face, it reminds me of you.” And Virgin Daniel from Down Under gave an exposition on Making Babies.
Matt, Virgin n°2, lectured on Mistreating Rom Women and Kate pretended to be a novelist again. Yann reminded us that we are only Ugly Bags of Mostly Water and wrote To The NASA Space Program Manager. Then Chris went to Unfamiliar Places. Boomie explained that

The Eiffel Tower gives Parisians the strength to be unhappy and impolite.

Finally, our Cheapest Featured Reader,‘s own Jenna gave us several Moments on stage: Asleep In Our Clothes, Snake, a short story called Ghost Wound, Close Call, another short story Slow Dance and finally a touching reflection of her time in Paris entitled Ephèmere. I cried.

Round 2
Victor and his Flying Guitar started us off with some Sweet Sounds followed by our Virgin (n°3) sacrifice of Lucy and her Myth. Anita has a better Memory than me and the Holy Virgin n°4 Holly thought her Head Is A Hotel Room, while Warming Us Cold and then Got Drunk. Ella had a Happy Day and Vanessa brought 1/2 Virgin Erica to the stage to sing Into My Arms. Robin, Virgin n°4.5 got lost In Conversation With Oscar Wilde, a promotional tool for Remi‘s Belleville Park Pages promotional blurb before he became the Self Commander Of A Sinking Ship. Lastly, Ruth showed that The Hardest Thing In My Life Was Burying MY Sister’s Rabbit.

Round 3, a.k.a. Hic Sunt Leones
At this point, my handwriting is very hard to read… Annie was The Best Lover who knows The Value of Silence. Thomas blew his Trumpet The Elephant, Yanik, guilty of leaving Belleville Park Pages on Wilde’s grave and being an Australian Virgin, was Singing Mastication. Wendy belted out some accappella Take Me Away, Jack had Another Drop and sang as Virgin n°7.5. Louisa taught us about the mysterious Mary Celeste boat followed by Johnny’s 1/2 Virgin appearance (totaling now 8 VIRGINS!) Now I Know What Love Is Like, Jeanne‘s Dangerous guitar, Troy gave us some Trash, asked Is It Enough To Just Breathe and then took some Mescaline. Fun King Nero and his friend Evan Leflame (yes, that’s his real name) rehearsed Kleptomania for his housewarming party on Friday. Then, at the last minute, sometime around 1 a.m., Victor kicked us out the door with some Funny Finger Picking.

JennaJenna-Marie Warnecke was born and raised in the Arizona desert and spent seven years in New York City as a video editor. She moved to Paris in January of 2012 to write, and since then has had her essays featured on sites including the Huffington Post, Narratively and the Billfold. She is the founder of the website Paris Cheapskate, and is currently finishing her first novel, Nothing Better.

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