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PLU Open Mic featuring Joshua Clover

PLU Open Mic featuring Joshua Clover

An exciting night at PLU with our first ever live-streamed Telethon! We managed to raise a huge amount over the course of the evening and, just a few hours later, met our goal of 3000€. Thank you to everyone who donated / shared / contributed.

Participating at the live event were: Maysan practicing for her upcoming slam competition in Lebanon, Scott telling his story about bullies, Amruta and her poetry, Tobias losing his guitar virginity followed by a German Pia, also new to Paris. We then showed Sean Simerly‘s beautiful documentary Allumé (which you can watch here) and finally our special guest and our special guest guest, Joshua Clover and Geoffrey Gilbert. Joshua did this:

Round two included: Gino on the guitar, Nick‘s perfect English accent, Thomas‘ rap-Ode to the Clitoris, Alison and her stained-glass poetry, René jamming, Elisa in from Rome with 5 erections, Ed in Latino and Lara warming up for next week on the ukulele. Jason Stoneking was on the mic and then Viq and Laflamme jammed!

More Joshua:

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Joshua Clover is a Professor of English Literature and Comparative Literature at University of California Davis. He is the author of three books of poetry and three of cultural history and theory. His latest books are the poetry collection Red Epic (Commune Editions 2015) and Riot. Strike. Riot, a book on the political economy of social struggles (Verso 2016). He has been translated into ten languages; recent or forthcoming articles appear in Critical Inquiry and Representations. He organized the international “Revolution and/or Poetry” conference with Christopher Chen and Juliana Spahr and has collaborated with Jasper Bernes, Tim Kreiner, Wendy Trevino, Abigail Lang, Els Moors, Chris Nealon, Michael Szalay, Sarah Posman, Annie McClanahan, and others. He is a founding editor of Commune Editions ( Joshua Clover is a Visiting Professor at Université Paris-Diderot in September 2016.

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