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PLU Open Mic featuring Julian Feeld

PLU Open Mic featuring Julian Feeld

Thursday March 5 2015, hosted by ERK, photos by Lauren. Special guest Julian Feeld.

Round 1

It may have been cold outside but passions were running high (along with your host’s temperature in hindsight) when we welcomed artist, writer and creative brain Julian Feeld as our featured guest plus a special appearance from his editor Remi.

Enjoying the release of organisational pressure it gives her, Emily stuck with her SHOUT OUT A NUMBER strategy, and Rene was lucky number 1 with an unforgettable version of Katy Perry’s Firework – and did you know she got the words from ex-husband Russell Brand, who in turn had been quoting Kerouac??

Emily’s favourite poet of the day was Gerald Stern, but not before PLU encountered some heckling/controversial conversation from the room. Featured reader Julian heroically and not quite literally tackled them to the ground and they left clutching black eyes, wounded egos and a deep hatred of open mic nights…

The pure-hearted Lauren refilled our positive thoughts with birthday wishes for Chicago, the “City on the Make” (Nelson Algren). Bridget read from a piece by her professor Mimi Brown and – untitled – by herself

“Strangers who ask about the weather”

“your mind is only a place of the lived”

Remi came onstage to read the first part of chapter one from Julian Feeld’s new “and we came to find it beautiful”, a hauntingly beautiful novella dedicated to the White God of the Xingu (may he rest in peace).

Fred stirred up the stage some more, taking down Thanksgiving and the USA in general feat Kanye West. Conclusion: Don’t Touch My Merica. Elisa’s date might have opened the cab door for her, but was a bit of a tool otherwise. David stood in the shadow of Paris as she flew overhead and Steve read from his freshly published novel Welcome to the Abyss with a trip down liquid lane. Virgin Halah finished off our first round with some spellbinding slam entitled “Laid Out”.

Round 2

Julian was back to share with us part two of chapter one of “and we came to find it beautiful”, Bibi with her friend Anne gave a shout-out for “Un enfant par la main” an NGO that is looking to organise a creative charity event, then read her banshee poem (great friend, awful girlfriend – you know the type). She finished by treating us to those pipes we all love. Amel kept the music flowing with Jeff Buckley’s lesser known “What Will You Say”.

Hamza’s back! And he’s still an excellent writer, dancing the tango with he said she said and the blurring of national identity in order to just love the human behind it. Kelly came back onstage with Missy and performed their brilliant piece on sexy Europeans and the real reason behind colonization. Ania gave her own alternative reading of Hamlet, which would have been extremely useful for my degree, containing not just a few pertinent insights. Rosie brought the music back with wowed us with her voice, and DRNB had the crowd capitvated with Tell Her and his flashing hat. Nicolas was also back for more PLU this week, singing INXS and winning us over with “French rock sucks. English rock kicks ass” (yes, INXS are Australian but potAYto potAHto.)

Round 3

Round three is normally when the sensible among you go home. But not this time. The bar and street were still buzzing with creative hearts. Mallory, the poor girl who fainted last week, made it to our stage and nearly caused us all to fall in the apples with her voice (singing Josh Ritter). Yasha was a hostage of love in French and English and Alexandre was another mouth-dropping surprise of talent with his mashup of Sunshine and American Boy.

Connor treated us to his beautiful Irish lilt, Maxx battled war with a party and Alison was as sweet as ice cream and liquorice. Emma would have read but the poor thing had her phone stolen, and Julien protected us from any further thieves with we. me. and she had him.

Summary: Much music, predominance of prose. Bad words were drowned out by good ones. Hollah.

More Open Mic this week at Paris’ loudest anglo/expat/inter/transnational poetry night: sign up is free and open to all forms of craziness starting at 20h.

As special treat for our weekly Open Mic shenanigans, we have multinational author, artist and DJ, Julian Feeld!

Julian Feeld, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, grew up travelling between Switzerland, France, New Jersey, Venezuela, and Brazil.

After studying Film at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, he immediately moved to Paris, where he founded the deBonton music label, infamous for its nude happenings. (inside the fountain of the Place de la Concorde, in the Paris metro, etc.)

His first novel, Even the Red Heron is a visceral portrait of a psychologically dysfunctional family living in Venezuela before its financial collapse, and was launched in 2014 in Brooklyn, London, and Los Angeles through an illegal street art campaign.

Julian recently finished his second book, And We Came To Find It Beautiful, and has created several series of photos and film installation pieces in his distinct “physical” style. His first movie (created in collaboration with artist Mathilde Huron), SOIL, is slated for release early next year.

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