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PLU Open Mic featuring Julian Stannard

PLU Open Mic featuring Julian Stannard

April in Paris brings writers out of the woodwork: going strong until after 01 a.m. last Thursday with poetry, prose, music, stupid human tricks and our special guest imported from Winchester via Genoa, Julian Stannard.

Hoping Ed would kick us off with a bit of Latin (to impress our italianista guest), he instead did his annual spring reading from Brideshead Revisited with The Languor of Youth. Jovan followed with a selection from his short, Dear Matti and Elisa‘s deep discussion involving heartbreak and masturbation, The Sea. Speaking of masturbation, virgin reader Lucy blew the socks off of Shakespeare with her Tale of Trixy Trill & Carlton Cobb: superbverbage! Bridgett read Lou, a children’s story not for children, Scott started his woeful tale of growing a pair in collage and Maria directed Zorro & Kelly‘s love affair, An American in Paris. Finally our special guest Julian read from his recent collections (see below): Buddhism, Via Montebello, Horizontal (about garbage bins), La Baia di Silenzio and Au Sauvage (which was kinda French…).

Round 2

Scott put himself out of his misery and (FINALLY) told his college girlfriend to f*ck off, Dina read in Russian (but I think the title was If each of us had a story to tell…), René gave the audience a commercial break with Life Insurance, Iris (still over from London!) read Shadows Between Walls and There’s a Boy on the Bus… Ethan asked, If you loved me? and got a few different answers from Kate‘s On a Splendid Day. For his second round, Mr. Stannard whipped through Stations of the Cross, a French lesson with Le Lion Rouge (est sur la table), Chastity, Thigh Slapping on the Riviera and The Necropolis, all spiced with Bohemian Horseradish.

Round 3

Vera‘s Abandoned Guarden, Graffiti Archways and a Tram Poem – Moe came back from Athens with DemocracyMilena sang (and she’s singing Friday at Berkeley Books!) – Kelly talked about Places and her Global Village – Charlotte gave me The Kiss, Hands and The Dreamkeeper – Lauren MEMORIZED HER POEM I’m Still Not Sure How To Spell Your NameAlex sang some Chris’ Wicked Game – Chev said You Have SomethingConstant had The Water, and I Choose – Adrian knew How To Know but then said I Leave Yet, putting PLU to a late night spring death… ’till next week.

Having spent many years teaching at the University of Genoa, Julian Stannard now teaches poetry at the University of Winchester (UK). He is the author of Rina’s War (Peterloo, 2001), The Red Zone (Peterloo 2007), The Parrots of Villa Gruber Discover Lapis Lazuli (Salmon, 2011) and The Street of Perfect Love (Worple, 2014); he co-edited The Palm Beach Effect: Reflections on Michael Hofmann (CB Editions, 2013) and recently published a study of Basil Bunting (Northcote House, 2014). He reviews for the TLS, Guardian and Poetry Review and is on the editorial board of the Italian journal Nuova Corrente.

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