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PLU Open Mic – Pre-party prep

PLU Open Mic – Pre-party prep

Despite our featured guest falling victim to autumnal sickness, we pushed on through in anticipation of the upcoming PLU 3 magazine party. ERK was back from holidays and hungry for some hosting…

Despite adverse weather conditions, Jason lead the pack from the start with a rainy night. René also got a little wet with a section from his novel… Eduardo was all sunflowers and Sundays, and Amruta was heartless about the homeless. Poetry just gets harder with time. Thomas brought the pirates to the party, – arrrr – Lucie saw a face from the past and translated Mallarmé. Bruno brought his family, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jackson along for support, James Jewell was all about tenderness and David Blair taught Emily how to use the projector with his short film and unintentional stars.

“He hawks upon an awkward breath”


Emily hogged more of the stage with car parks and strippers, Josh got revolutionary with Peter Weiss and Maxx was mulling on love. Christian took the road to happiness, Helen dallied with the Griffon and the Showgirl, and David Sirois didn’t disappoint his pigeon fans. Hanna just. Blew. Us. Away. Yassir (spelling? sorry!) lost his words in redemption, Lys was on a lonely journey, and Blue Wit brought the Baudelaire (and of course a healthy dose of Catullus). Peter and Evan rounded up a lovely lovely evening with an interpretation of Auden’s “Stop all the clocks”. The tune has been in ERK’s head since.


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