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PLU Open Mic – St. Libertine’s Virgin Sacrifices

PLU Open Mic – St. Libertine’s Virgin Sacrifices

Brrr and blur: last week readers and performers came in from the cold to warm the Parisian night with virgin sacrifices to the sexiest of of all hole-y spirits, St. Libertine (formerly known as St. Valentine). Our featured reader, Ken Parsons, fell victim to the freezing northern snows and was unable to join us, but the goddesses of carnal love were nevertheless pleased and pleasured. Thus commenced our festive preparations for Saturday’s Poetry and Art Orgy.

Round 1

René told a harrowing tale of the Infinite Kissing Loop, commencing the evening’s rite of permanent love. The first virgin sacrifice to burn bright was Bridget‘s short story Children are Still Belongings, then passing the torch to the grand finale of Alisa‘s The Vanishing, a reprisal of Little Red Riding Hood. Virgin sacrifice n°2, Kate, swore An Oath before telling some old guy to get his hands off her ass in I’m Sorry…. Moe Seager had Libertine Fever so we brought up a semi-virgin singer, Lauren, accompanied by Amel for Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining. Ethan, too, had his PLU virginity sent up in flames along with his short story, I’m watching her sleep… The smell of burning virgins was so great that we finished the round with back-to-back Argentinian virgins Vera – who read about Woman at 60 followed by Mothers – and Dolores‘ lover Anita.

Round 2

Laughter and love brought the crowd back in from the cold with Fred‘s stand up comedy performance about the Age of Extinction and the worst in movie sequels. Charlotte had a Bow to Hold while her Penelope Writes in the Sand. Bibi sang about her Drunk Man, and the seventh virgin sacrifice to St. Libertine hailed from Taiwan: Constance had her heart Taken. Having had our appetite for virgins wetted once again, we sacrificed the virgin Elan, the tallest pianist player ever, as he bellowed out Big Dick Jazz. All that rhythm and blues summoned DRnB and his Go To Girl, followed by Troy‘s trio of smut: Love Spent on a Holiday, Goldylocks & Daddylocks and Swipe on the Mirror Print. Round 2 closed out with our new Slam Champion Meagan Bullick!

Round 3

To convince us to come back in, Amel and Lauren called upon their Cat Power and Kelly started a sing along with Come Together so that we could get back to the business at hand: sacrificing virgins! Phoebe deflowered her Scottish Violin, dirty virgin Conor revealed the Story Behind Mankind, Rosy came to the stage and let her voice loose, mesmerizing absolutely everyone, Russian gothic virgin Max warned of the Dangers of Suicide so Bibi sang us home with Don’t Rain on my Parade.



Open Mic with transeuropean comedian and poet, Ken Parsons! As always, sign up is free and open to all, all night long, starting at 20h. Read, sing, dance, strip: make noise, raise hell.

Ken Parsons Maestro of the Underground. He is a Celtic Harper, singer, writer, poet and allround entertainer. What can you expect? Beautiful harp songs, deadly witty short poems and crafted original songs in every posible style, funny, moving, thought provoking”   ( Review at the The Troubadour, legendary London folk club).

He also plays many traditional songs, chansons and covers from an extensive and incredibly diverse repertoire. From folk through crooners and pop to gothic punk and comedy songs. In fitting bardic tradition he also works as a translator in five languages and sings in many more. He has many short stories from his extensive travels.  He runs his own alternative stage, ‘Nutty Anita’s Comedy Night’ in Amsterdam as well as many stages for writers and poets such as ‘Wicked Words Festival’ and ‘Playing to the Gallery’.

He recorded his latest Celtic Harp CD with Paul Rayner Brown (Executive producer for Sarah Brightman, producer Jools Holland Late). His First Celtic Harp CD “ Home is where the harp is” was recorded in collaboration with Paul Meader, then of the Django Reinhardt style gypsy-swing band “The Robin Nolan Trio”, noted for their many shows for George Harrison.

He has also supported, played with and collaborated with artists such as Gary Howard (Flying Pickets), Attila the Stockbroker, TV Smith (The Adverts), acclaimed Breton folk musician Dom Duff, played as guest harpist for Mad Dog Mcrea and with comedians such as Marcel Lucont.

He is the host and initiator of The Folk Fusion Festival at Amsterdam’s famous Paradiso.  A father of two children, he was named in the top fifty “Power Amsterdammers” by Time Out who dubbed him: ” The Maestro of the Underground”.

He has also performed headliner gigs as a comedian and is regarded as “an established star of the musical comedy circuit” by the Musical Comedy Awards, London.

He was special guest artist for them in 2011 and special guest artist for the Bardic Gorsedh in Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 2012.

He was a prominent figure in the Berlin arts scene before and after the fall of the Wall. He played bass guitar, wrote songs and sang for the cult Berlin group “Who’s Rachel?”.

They were based and were band in residence at the famous arthouse ”Kunsthaus Tacheles”. They toured extensively all over Europe, notable gigs were Glastonbury Festival 1994,  playing alongside bands like Citizen Fish and as guest band for The Apotheosis of the Scopophiliac media-event set up by Irish filmmaker and BAFTA nominee Neasa Hardimann.

The band’s conceptual CD  “Garlic Conspiracy” was recorded and mixed by Boris Wilsdorf, the engineer for Blixa Bargeld’s Einstuerzende Neubauten.

He writes a blog about cultural exchanges between the Netherlands and Germany called

He is currently finishing off a CD of original songs called ‘Dealing with Demons’ with Celtic folk rock and cabaret band Monty Pagan and compiling a set of modern original urban fairy tales called ‘The Reason Why…’

For further information, music, video clips and tour dates visit:


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