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PLU Open Mic featuring Lara Touitou

PLU Open Mic featuring Lara Touitou

Open Mic was a quirky-dark funny mélange last Thursday featuring the inimitable prose and forceful ukulele strummings of Lara Touitou.

Emily opened round one with a poem by Maggie Smith (the poet, not the actress) about the many ways she shortened her already short life, about the world having as many strangers who will break you than otherwise and many other things she hid from her kids. Gene followed, singing his song “Party Girl” about his youth, asking why he loves a party girl, because every night’s a twirl. Steve read from his second novel “Other Lives for the Desert” a scene in which our budding young trucker-in-learning Johan gets picked up from his hotel at 4:45AM for coursework, and has worn a watch ever since. Ray recited his poem “Untitled”, describing pain even Bob Marley cannot ease, about not being able to answer the calls to freedom if you can’t hear it ring, then another poem about not being able to pretend he has no friends and cracking open a bottle of Jameson to put his ashes in the desert. Nick read TS Eliot’s poem “Ash Wednesday” describing wings that are but fans to beat the air. Pia read her poem “Memories” about periods coming to an end, magical dances coming to a stop and stories that we collect that have had their impact. Lara debuted her feature, reading about her cat and singing a ukulele cover of Joy Division’s “Ceremony.”

Round two started with Ed poetically describing Rodin’s sculpture “L’homme au nez cassé” about water from taps, schnapps, lips that remind of stones, Cuban coasts, half-empty beds, Monet’s impression of sunsets and paintings that are ghosts in memory. René read his prose piece about letting go. Helen pitched the upcoming art exhibit “From Syria With Love” taking place at the Cinq Plus on Saturday October 15th with drawings and paintings from refugee children aged 6 to 16. Rufo read his poem “What a mess” describing fruits of someone else’s debt, chef killing animals for you and the structuralist take asking would people have buttocks if we didn’t already have chairs? Rebecca read a poem about playing sims and building houses in which the sims could have sex. Mats read three poems in Norwegian. Featured writer Lara came back to expose her destiny of one day growing into a middle-aged man. Christian, Mark and Fred closed the round with standup comedy performances.

PLU Open Mic welcomes Lara Touitou and her mordant autofiction and satire Thursday October 6. Sign up at 8:00PM if you’re performing and sit yourself down at 8:30/45 for an evening of open mic fun.

Lara Touitou hails from the French countryside and is based in Paris since 2010. After having learnt by heart the 95 French departments (childhood), made up “Top 50” song parodies (teenage years) and spent a year writing academic papers about Madchester (early adult years), she co-wrote fictional letters based on misunderstood situations on the blog The Misunderstanding Project. She now writes autofictional stories about her cat, low-key reimaginings of Knausgaard’s My Struggle series, or horoscopes for writers. She works as a bookseller in Paris and always includes Sarah Manguso and Rebecca Solnit in her staff picks.


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