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PLU Open Mic Featuring Lara Azar

PLU Open Mic Featuring Lara Azar

Open Mic was a blast last Thursday 15/12 with the cringe-happy standup comedy of feature Lara Azar.

Round One started with Nasser reading poems in both Italian and Spanish. Then Gene read a story about the Costellos’ restaurant experience, interspersed with a bluesy song he belted out on guitar, with that haunting lyric “Let her go, God bless her.” Rebecca read a piece that combined white russians and lubricious thoughts. Ap Cooper flatly stated that he hated the English government and proved it in a song that mentioned letters to the BBC that he will never send, then another one about rivers catching fire and ice and a Japanese revolt. Elynn read a poem from Mahmoud Darwish, “A Soldier Dreams Of White Lilies”. Jennifer, who was a photojournalist in Kenya, read from her frontline account of covering the Westgate shopping mall attack.

Lara closed the round with crazy standup that bounced from babies drinking too much milk to periods, being Lebanese, even existentialism.

No one wanted to start in Round Two so host René kindly did with his piece about Freudian Time Lapses. Moe doned his erotic poet cap and delivered “Red” about tongues on intimate instruments that open eyes, and his classic “I wanna make jazz to you” in which he never felt so sick or so rare. Rebecca (not the same Rebecca as round one) read a poem from Victor Hugo “La Légende des Siècles”, about escaping sinister into space without pause. Federico read three poems in three different languages, from a French Swiss poet, an Argentinian and then Bukowski. Ap Cooper came back with a rap poem “Mice” about being asphyxiated on matrix glitches.

There was much demand for another round, so Round Three happened, with Moe opening with a singalong cover of the Drifters’ “Spanish Harlem”. Fred was introduced as a standup but confounded expectations by launching himself into a soulful a capella. Featured performer Lara came back to talk about awkward sex, being a bad dominatrix and family dinners. Ed plugged his upcoming performance (16/12!) as pianist at a body painting performance at Galerie Treize-Dix, then read from his prose piece “Barquette de Fraises”. Mayssan played a beautiful song that spoke of fight or flight, then kept the chords going to accompany one of her own poems, seamlessly. Gene sang about the Barber of Bastille and having to say ‘Aloha mon amour’. Jennifer closed the round with two witty absurdist poems “Stealing cosmetics for the Resistance” about being hungry, eating ash, scratching records and of course stealing cosmetics for the resistance, then another about a survival strategy for clown fascism, urging to ‘sharpen up your dead eye’.

Come discover the zany talent of Lara Azar this Thursday Dec. 14 at Culture Rapide!

Lara is an American stand up comedian and writer living in Paris. She does stand up in venues all over Paris and runs a weekly late night interactive comedy show. When she’s not writing or doing comedy, she can be found on the metro, getting unsolicited advice from strangers.

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