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PLU Open Mic featuring Linda Camplese

PLU Open Mic featuring Linda Camplese

Here’s the write-up from  June 26, by your host Emily Ruck Keene, with photos by the very talented Olivia Vitazkova, squeezed into one small space just like all the people who came to speak, applaud, drink (and throw shoes) last Thursday…


New words
New books
Old shoes
and a chimp

Round one

Bob got his blues in line with rhyming couplets, Steve might have been a trucker, but right now he needs an apartment and a job, Eliott dragged in Baudelaire’s rotting carcass and stole from Alice Walker. SHUT UP EVERYONE (please) because poor Antonia is losing her voice, but not her stage presence. The virgin Gabriel tortured Zorro, and the depressed motivational speaker, Joel, also lost his virginity, but didn’t get lucky.

Nick « Biggen » fumbled with his props and his « life’s dramatic personae », while Michelle offered some « untakeable » Kleenex and cocaine. Norwegian Marius read a poem of two years, and Zorro & Yuyne treated us to some Wilde cucumber sandwiches and… A handbag?! Moe’s got some poems out. They’re called… Moe Poems. Travis Cebula is a name you’ll be seeing more of very soon 😉

Even the wind is losing his breath

Her hands on this rack of a man

Writing is just lovemaking in Irish

Our featured reader, Linda Camplese, finished our first round with some excellent poetry! Dynamic and unafraid to say what she thinks, Linda is a feisty writer, and her pieces went down a storm with our audience. Among the pieces she read were:

The Myth of Cash
Las Vegas
Facebook Quandry
My Ladies of the Prairie
My Father’s Gun

and she has an obsession with chimps.

Round two

Jason forgot the color of her eyes (blue), Guglielmo represented Italy, Emma reminded us of… herself, with a « ballet of burp », and Vanessa gave us a poetry remix sans guitar (no case following vomit incident). Davis-Leonard followed the twins and lost her virginity

Honey I love you but I just can’t smile

Michael couldn’t stop seeing Richard Gere everywhere, and Alice’s pronunciation was perfect. Then Kevin took his shoes off and the evening started down a raucous and entirely politically incorrect road of « Genocide is my Man United ». Troy was a lithe serpentine bitch, and Jules was Heartbroken, Horny and Hungover. Much like most of us the next day.

High as a kite trapped in a rainstorm

Where do all these puddles com from

James was pretty cute, if you like super stalkery creepiness, and Megan rang the bell with her Nuit Blanche. The question is : Was it?

See more of Olivia Vitazkova’s great photography here:

This week your host is Emily, and our featured reader is Linda Camplese! Here’s a little bit about her…

Linda Camplese is inspired by a world out of balance. She mines subterranean social, political and personal contradictions, thrusts them to the surface and illuminates the ingredients that make this complicated, brief life so beautiful, humorous, delicious and sometimes, so poisonous. Her poems can be found in “30 Years of the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival,” “Walt’s Corner,” and “Great Weather for Media Anthology,” among others, and, her voice heard on “Miller Street Memories.” She writes between California and Paris, where she splits her life between two very different cultures, and not always so gracefully.

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