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PLU Open Mic featuring Louise Cooper

PLU Open Mic featuring Louise Cooper

The PLU Open Mic 2015-2016 season is already in full swing with a packed house, 25+ performers, 8 virgins and our special guest Louise Cooper. Round 1 included performances by Fun King Nero swooning It’s a cliché to say that I love you on his guitar, René previewing his new book and explaining how to best Cheat on exams and virgin Inua promoting The Midnight Run and reciting two poems, Directions and Dear Tina. Andy, his virgin partner in crime, gave us some Icebreakers, followed by Moe retiring the badassness of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Event on September 26th. Tim, virgin n°3, sang out Magnetic north with harmonica and guitar and then our special guest Louise Cooper did this:

Round 2 began with the virgin sacrifice of Anna strumming When you’re down and out, followed by a returning Will Cox from Belleville Park Pages reading I could be anyone. Alison gently recited a poem, Adé turned some Tricks (for sex) and wandered around with the Cats of Belleville. Eduardo also noticed that C’est jolie Belleville le dimanche. Lorenzo had a Visione and saw the Morte d’un attore in Italiano. So Maria sang in Italiano too. Modamour Paradise, experienced virgin performer, wrote Trois folies au manicomie. A second virgin Tim asked the crowd to Give him love now and Henry broke out some freestyle to the beats of J. Dilla.

Round 3 – a.k.a. Hic Sunt Leones performed to a packed house with: Fucking Nero (his name changes after 4 beers), Rafik reading Another day will come in Arabic, David Sirois‘s new poem The flavor of water, Michaela‘s lost virginity with The contents of a letter in three parts, (English performance) virgin Yasser‘s About money, María singing, Chris Newens stealing Shakespeare’s Henry IV and a few more freestyling strophes from Henry.





Kicking off our new season of Open Mic performances is imported theater starlet Louise Cooper! Sign up for everyone else is free starting at 20h – read, sing, dance or break something onstage: no limits!

A native of Detroit, MI, G. Louise Cooper studied theatre at Oakland University’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance, and Sanford Meisner’s The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. Aside from regional productions in the States, Lou has appeared in Paris in performances for Poets Live and Galerie Memoire de l’Avenir.

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