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PLU Open Mic featuring Luke Thompson

PLU Open Mic featuring Luke Thompson



We all had a great barrel of laughs (points for anyone who can explain where that phrase came from) on Thursday May 14 with our featured performer, funnyman Luke Thompson!


Round one

Lorenzo bravely took the stage first, reading in Italian, followed by a sexy announcement about the sexy Poetry Brothel by Kate. VIRGIN Ryan went with the stand-up theme and Swedish graffiti masturbation (keep your eyes peeled in public toilets, people), followed by his accomplice VIRGIN Jack who had a prayer for his ancestors and nostalgia. David B celebrated the ascension with atomic bombs and Lou shared a beautiful analysis of depression. Greyhound Ben read a selection of pieces, and Dolores & Vera took us through their road trip to Morocco with a dual-duo poem on a rug. Then it was time for our featured performer, stand up comedian Luke Thompson who had us in stitches with his beautifully British both dry and awkward humour.

Round 2

After a slight technical hitch, DrNB started our round two… onscreen, then onstage! Monique lost her PLU virginity with “Coming” (…) and Thomas had a beautiful Ode to a Hummingbird. Cooper gave us a flash from the past with his seventh grade poem, revisited, and Xander was one half of a delicious orange slice. LUKE THOMPSON our featured performer was back, and just as chortlesome as ever, with his life story from goldfish to Jedi superpowers. VIRGIN Will P brought his geeeeetar and a song “about some things”, Amel sang us some sad Olle Nyman, Donald read his System Poetics and Ache, Burn, Long by David Hewitt. Lastly, Maxx brought the evening to a positive end with ten easy steps to making a man kill himself. Happy long weekend folks!


This week’s Open Mic – sign up is free for all starting at 20h – is accompanied by funnyman stand up comedian Luke Thompson!

Luke Thompson is an English stand-up comedian from London who now lives and works in Paris. He has been an English teacher for over 14 years and that has taken him to such glamorous and exotic international locations as Tokyo, Oslo and Solihull. Luke has been doing stand-up for nearly 6 years in London, Brighton and in Paris. He also produces an award-winning podcast called “Luke’s English Podcast” which combines comedy and English teaching.

“Most of my listeners start listening to my podcast because they want to improve their language skills, but then I manage to sneak in some comedy in there, without them realising. In fact, this technique is so affective that listeners rarely even laugh or express any kind of enjoyment while they are listening” says Luke, who particularly enjoys writing his own bio for comedy shows, because of the “creative opportunities it offers” although that is often mixed with the awkward fear that he shouldn’t be doing it – writing his own bio like this I mean. “Quoting myself as if someone actually interviewed me and then took the time to summarise the whole thing in a paragraph, with punctuation and everything. That’s just self-indulgent, isn’t it – but everyone does it.”

That may be true, but making stuff up for fun is central to Luke’s philosophy, although he sometimes worries that he might come across as pretentious. “I don’t want to seem like abit of a twat”, he says with absolute sincerity. Really though, despite the way this bio is all post-modern and self-referential, Luke is a reliably funny and slightly surreal presence on stage, and he was described by as having “a promising future”, and that was in about 2010, so come and enjoy that future which he guaranteed would happen 5 years go.

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