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PLU Open Mic featuring Margo Berdeshevsky

PLU Open Mic featuring Margo Berdeshevsky

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by Tucker Grindstaff.

Our special guest, Margo Berdeshevsky, ushered in the Paris Dusk this week ‘under egrets at the edge of rain.’ She beat her Long Drum and sent us the rythym of ‘red love.’ Her thoughtful, lyrical work was a delight, everything from her elegy for a friends to a letter addressed to XXXX. If you missed her Among the Trumpets, try not to next time. It was a masterful reading.

Angel song floated over us from Victor, Wendy, Vanessa, and making a welcome return to Paris, Louisa.  How we envy their lovely voices.

Otherwise, it was a pensive week with Emily ‘no longer on the bottomless lake’ of unemployment, even if she does hate children, Remi ‘being special in our bedrooms,’ Megan on women who are difficult to love (hands up?) and Michael asking a one liner: Yes, you are still our hero, before Thomas seduced us with Pushkin in Russian.

Food was provided by Caroline’s Oh Fish, Kate’s cup of coffee, and Paul’s jellied eels, which can’t be explained to Americans, although he tried.

This week’s comedy award goes to the sixth graders’ (mis)history test answers read by Liliya: a myth is a female moth. Obviously.

Then the things returned to normal: Jason spat Luca at us (again), Passionately, and then started a revolution in Tunisia (again), and Yann depresssed himself and us on holiday before previewiing Hallowe’en (watch this space for details on the PLU Open Mic Hallowe’en Extravaganza) with another Zombie poem. We will not doubt all be left for dead on 31 October. Mwahahahaha!


We are delighted to welcome Margo Berdeshevesky as our featured reader this Thursday, October 17th. Sign up is free and open to all starting at 19.30h. No limits, no rules: extreme poetry.

Jerome Rothenberg has written:

There is in Margo Berdeshevsky’s work a rare persistence of the lyric voice, used with a sense of ecstasy & grief almost religious in its evocations. Absolutely modern & fearlessly romantic by turns, the poems circle the rich & threatened corners of the living planet & travel further into places marked by mythic & oneiric time.

Berdeshevsky’s newest poetry collection is Between Soul and Stone.”(Sheep Meadow Press, 2011)

Her book of  short stories, Beautiful Soon Enough, illustrated with her own photo-montages, received Fiction Collective Two’s Innovative Fiction Award. Honors include the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America, and a selection for the Academy of American Poet’s Poem-for-a-day. Published in literary journals across the world, she worked in a survivor’s clinic in Aceh following the 2005 tsunami there, and a multi-genre novel, Vagrant, is next at the gate. Lifelong traveler, she currently lives in Paris. More information here.

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