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PLU Open Mic featuring Marilyn McCabe

PLU Open Mic featuring Marilyn McCabe

Epically late night at PLU last week with a packed house and too much alcohol. The poetry wasn’t too bad either. And even more people got their hands on Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2.

Round 1 began with class: Nick recited John Fuller‘s Valentine and Chronos lit a candle for love. René, our premier J.D. Salinger lookalike, read an extract from his novel in progress, and Cecilia (V) came all the way from Santa Monica, CA to read us her short story A Syrian Doctor in Paris. Tumbleweed Will Cox rolled in from Shake’s, BPP in hand, with a Silicon Man of Farm and Forest and Ghosts and Small Business then Christian recited Audre Lorde‘s Who Said It Was Simple et. al. with Sierra coming right up behind him (with great nails) and Me In Paradise and Magician from Brenda Shaughnessy‘s Human Dark with Sugar. Yann did some Beta testing, trying to scrounge up the last few cents he needs to publish Dawn of the Algorithm (donate!) before our special guest, Marilyn McCabe came all the way over from New York, reading delicate and perfectly crafted poetry from her most recent work Perpetual Motion. Thanks Marilyn!

Round 2 included the talents of: Charlie, Emily commenting on the Inevitability of No Missed Calls, Julian and his 2 poems about Paris, Moe Seager‘s Sheets for Men Only, and someone from the back row caught stand-up comedian Fred doing this:

Then: Lauren‘s Memories not Memories, Ria ripped off the Doors with Strange Days, Hamza saw Life as a Potrait and got The Invitation and read to you As You Snooze. Then we all had to get a drink. Sooo…

Round 3, a.k.a. Hic Sunt Leones scarified two Virgins, Elysse‘s Feminism and Sarah‘s Under My Skin, as well as hearing about Lily‘s “lady problems” with Lady Labor and a poem from a line overheard in the gym (something about fucking her husband?!?). And if that wasn’t enough, Chris Newens, fundamental component of the upcoming Montmartre Dionysia, killed a baby on youtube with his The Voyeur monologue. Thanks Chris for that uplifting closer!

Marilyn McCabe’s poem “On Hearing the Call to Prayer Over the Marcellus Shale on Easter Morning” was awarded A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Orlando Prize, fall 2012, and appeared in the Los Angeles Review. Her book of poetry Perpetual Motion was published by The Word Works in 2012 as the winner of the Hilary Tham Capitol Collection contest. Her work has appeared in literary magazines such as Nimrod, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Painted Bride Quarterly, French translations and songs on Numero Cinq, and a video-poem on The Continental Review.

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