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PLU Open Mic Featuring Marius Presterud

PLU Open Mic Featuring Marius Presterud

Paris Lit Up Open Mic on February 25 was a classy affair. We had yodeling, a flute duet, opera, musical comedy, flowers and…. toilet rolls (Ryan). Our VIP Featured Performer was writer and stage-presence-master Marius Presterud, who threatened to crush us with his dramatic pauses. Thankfully, instead of going all Pinteresque on his audience, Marius tolerated Emily’s (Les) Miserables serenade, and performed a selection of pieces and rants for us. If you’re interested in the PLU Writers Mini Residency, see the website here.

Slam Queen Winona got the ball rolling with wanderlust, frozen toes and cardboard boxes. Victor revealed his pro yodeling skillz, and Alison, Tristan and Arthur blew us away (ha) on two flutes and a guitar? René aka the World’s Coolest Dad ruined the Red Hot ChiliPeppers for his daughter and your host, and Connor had a multitude of things to ruminate on. Maria was inspired by the flautists, giving us a beautiful rendition of Delibes’ Flower Duet, VIRGIN Krishna was a bold stand-up guy, and Steve learnt how to drive a truck in Phoenix. Alison showed she doesn’t just create gorgeous art – she’s a poet too, leaving the stage ready for Featured Performer Marius Presterud.


time in a bowl

bees in a tizzle

                            Simone de Beauvoir

finding adjectives

Rrrrrround two! Marius picked up where we’d left off with a pocketful of air and if you have a dog (side note: I DO!) Moe was thinking about home, courtship and the cosmos, Lara got a job (congratulations!) interviewing authors, and makes a great vinaigrette. Amruta also picked up on our unintentional Home theme, Ryan did not steal your host’s toilet roll swag box, he brought his own, VIRGIN Kayla read My Body, and Blue Wit  showed us exactly what revisionist Latinists sound like.

Here’s a snippet of Marius!

PLU’s Mini Writing Residency welcomes Oslo poet and performer Marius Presterud. Join him at Open Mic and read, sing, dance or act out your own stuff, sign up starts at 20h.

Marius Presterud is an artist, clinician and musician-gone-poet. His poems and texts have been published in Oslo, Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Uppsala, Isle of Wight, Glasgow, Derbyshire, Munich, Athens, Zurich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney. Which is funny, ’cause he hasn’t written that many. Marius resides in Oslo, sabatically leaving his fortress of solitude to perform at anglophilic societies abroad. You may have read his short-poems in the Belleville Park Pages? He is also currently Poet in Residence at Flatbread Society, Oslo.

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