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PLU Open Mic featuring Megan Bullick

PLU Open Mic featuring Megan Bullick

With a featured reader like Megan Bullick, we were hardly surprised to see Culture Rapide packed out, sitting on the floor and crowding in at the door for our Open Mic on October 16. Missed it? Couldn’t see over people’s heads? Here’s who did what:

Thomas should be your next children’ author, but make sure he brings the right text – Mrs Prudence Fig Jane. Christian knows the only way to get people’s attention is through a Drsought. Anna is actually the daughter of Kafka – no surprise there. Alex wrote an unnumbered lesson to himself, and Chronos gave us peace, love, and an envelope. Elliot gave us the first 2 chapters of his novel with its “psychopathic queer narrator”. Naniso (virgin!) told his son how to kiss a girl properly

we met upon the cliffs of life

Kate Noakes and Bibi Jacobs, aka The Sybils, teased us with an except from Saturday night’s Myth and Magick performance, complete with ogres, eggs and islands. Moe rubber-hugged the curve “I will come like a loose verb” and VIRGIN Simon told you what he told me. The deliciously magnificent Megan Bullick came out all guns blazing with piece after piece of powerful words.

Every straw can become gold if you spin it the right way

I wear my makeup like war paint

Listen, love. You are not a refugee camp

Promises like missiles. Apologies like adhesives.

Six lessons on entitlement

The Clitoris Challenge

Round two

The other half of Megan’s clit challenge – Thomas – started our second round. Jordan gave us some chunes with “I wanna be your… mom”, followed by VIRGIN Matt who had us all singing along

Hey baby, hey hey (not the Gwen Stefani version)

Megan took a step into Eden, and had a Late Apology for [her] Mother, Fred took Arnold Schwarzenegger, throwing him sous les jupes des filles, and Julien went all beautifully autumnal. VIRGIN Hamza has had it with “Where are you from” and Sarah was a sunflower girl.

I’m from here to there […] the universe is my country

Chev left leaves and sandy footprints all over the bar, Simon begged us “please don’t look at me when I’m shopping” and Francine’s gift was simple but perfectly formed. Perhaps someone could explain why your host wrote V.V.V.V. next to Henry (or VoVoVoVo)?, because things all started getting a little Absurd when Elliot came back to finish the evening.

See you next Thursday!




Paris Lit Up Open Mic is free and open to all every Thursday starting at 20h. Read, sing, play or dance: be loud, get cheap drinks and change the world where “community” actually means community.

Megan Bullick‘s writing career began at the age of four when her older sisters obligingly recorded her dictations about cats, witches, and friendship. While her early works lacked refinement and profundity, she persevered and eventually completed a B.A. in both Creative Writing and French. After graduation she survived eight months in corporate America before fleeing to Paris for creative cultivation and overindulgence. She writes poetry, often in the form of spoken word, and short stories, which draw primarily from naturalism and autofiction. In order to afford groceries and appease French visa requirements, she is an apprentice at the Ecole du Breuil and Les Jardins de Villebois, where she works towards a BTSA in landscaping.

Her spoken word performances can be found here:

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