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PLU Open Mic featuring Michelle Noteboom

PLU Open Mic featuring Michelle Noteboom

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by, well, this week there will be no pictures painting a thousand words, just the words, and not even a thousand of them. Calling all photographers! We need you in the house.  Come next week and we’ll buy you some beer…

There was a lot of death and pain on the stage with Remi learning to feel it, Fiona’s friends dancing and falling around the room, Vanessa losing all sense of feeling from her head to her toes, and Alice’s Miserable Poetry.

Thank goodness Eliot came armed with a drift of flowers from Robert Frost and Quitterie added her floral tributes, before Beatrice made us giggle with the silliness of A.A.Milne’s Pooh poems. Boomie cranked up the laughter as usual with a riff on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham meets Sartre and De Beauvoir. Marvellous.

Jason brought back the death wish with a translation (Road Death) from Saramago and then it was time for ROADKILL and this week’s  fabulous special guest, Michelle Noteboom, who’s new book you must read for everything from a Rapsody in Road Kill, to Road Kill readymades to Have you heard the one about the Road Kill? Terrific. I feel a casserole coming on, can you pass me that freshly squished pheasant, please?

Vanessa tried to convince us that sometimes she wakes the dead, but we’d much rather stick with David seeing through grocery bags full of Bordeaux and other necessities.  Victor and Flora provided the musical accompaniment to the wine and Lisa sang us one more of her beautiful songs before heading off to pastures new. Bonne route.



A native of Michigan, Michelle Noteboom is the author of the newly released collection Roadkill (Corrupt Press, 2013), which will be launched at the Poets Live reading. Her other collections are: The Chia Letters (Dusie Kollektiv, 2009), Edging (Cracked Slab Books, 2006) which won the 2006 Heartland Poetry Prize, and Hors-cage in French translation by Frédéric Forte (Editions de l’Attente, 2010). She has lived in Paris since 1991, where she co-founded and helped curate the bilingual reading series Ivy Writers Paris for several years.
Michelle Noteboom


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