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PLU Open Mic featuring Moe Seager

PLU Open Mic featuring Moe Seager

Just a few days before we celebrate the launch of Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 in conjunction with 100 Thousand Poets for Change, our Open Mic special guest was jazz poetry veteran Moe Seager.

The most eloquent Nick kicked us off with some ‘ol Philly Larkin, followed by Iris‘ last appearance at PLU (for a while) reading some of her colleague’s melodramatic French poetry. Hilary and Carlotta did some lipstick theater to the phenomenological words of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Bill was Down in Love, Juarez. Gus (currently looking for a cheap apartment or couch) gave us a musical interlude with On The Street Where I Learned To Walk. James, hungover, cited Hopper with his Perhaps All Cities Are Paintings followed by some good ‘ol ee cummings. Tumbleweed Will Cox didn’t manage to tumble to Culture Rapide and Bob introduced us to Plastic Joe. Finally, our featured reader Moe Seagar read from his most recent collection, Moe Poems.

A longwinded round 2 included: Gus again, Bill‘s Autobiography, Moe‘s famous Jazz Is (amongst others), Lily a.k.a. Elisabeth Anne Rebecca Lloyd Borkhalter, and her All Expenses Paid Poem, François singing some Radiohead, Shannon‘s new piece about Old Man Sex, Julien was Drunk In Two Parts, Lauren (not drunk) found that Paris Is A Strange Place, Sam did Dylan Owen‘s Ghosts, Zorro swung in with Science Po à la MacBeth and finally Roxanne read Métro before running off to catch the métro.

<strong>Moe Seager</strong> is the author of 4 poetry books including Moe Poems, 2014. His work has been published by the French Ministry of Culture. His collection One World, Cairo press, 2003 is translated into Arabic. Moe is a winner of a Golden Quill award for investigative journalism, a Human Rights awardee from the U. of Pittsburgh. His poem Open Door was selected as theme poem for the 100TPC festival, 2013, U. Ibn Sohr, Agadir, Morocco. Performing Jazz Poetry Moe leads jazz ensembles in Paris,New York and elsewhere. A native of Pittsburgh he lives in Paris.

Every <strong>Thursday</strong> in English (other languages too – when in Rome, speak French) at the historic home of French Slam poetry, <a href=””>Culture Rapide</a> (103 Rue Julien Lacroix, 75020).  If you would like to read, dance, sing or otherwise express yourself, sign up is open and free to all starting at 8pm-ish. We go until we drop – which means <strong>all night long</strong>! In any language. Or no language at all. <strong>No limits</strong>. Extreme poetry. Nudity encouraged. Plus, each week featured readers from around the world are invited to strut their stuff before our rowdy but respectful audience. Rotating hosts Jason Mc Gimsey, Kate Noakes, Emily Ruck Keene.

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