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PLU Open Mic featuring Nick Calderbank and Damian Corcoran

PLU Open Mic featuring Nick Calderbank and Damian Corcoran

PLU Open Mic was a masterfully acted trip to a Great Britain of yesteryear with the astoundingly vivid and funny portrayals of working class brits by Nick Calderbank and Damian Corcoran.
There was a lot of music in round 1, kicked off with Yvan singing a song about a sitar asking to be played by a young boy. Darshana played his song “Useless Man”. Rebecca read a poem about chickens, all sorts of chickens, in strange and not-so-strange situations, and one about her friend Leslie. Ash Orphan did a splendid version of Radiohead’s “Creep”, making it hard to believe the only instrument accompanying him was his guitar. European Son kept the music going with his song “Rio de Janeiro”, then another one “Bourgeoisie”. Krishna did the only stand-up routine of the evening, joking about vegans and what zebras are. Jason read his poem about phobias, “I’ve always been terrified of motorcycles.” Burt sang a cover of “That’s entertainment”, then his own song about how sad it is to be in love, making a convincing argument for it.
Featured guests Nick and Damian held the audience transfixed with their sketches, about “some people”, about being a “man of the world,”, about having epiphanies about being a woman.
Round 2 started with more sketches from Nick and Damian, about going dutch on first dates and how to go on when Karen’s left.
Dave sand about damage being done, Moe read from his book “We Want Everything” about curbing the flow and about things that happen at 5am on boulevard Magenta, René addressed an apology to his Homo heidelbergensis ancestor for not rising to his cranial potential. Alison undressed, dressed, and recite a poem, with the line “We could be inside a mirror”, Simon tanted about life in the 19th century, hysteria, terrorism and many other subjects, Rae Halliday sang, Ed read a poem about jolts in the road on a two-wheeled motor vehicle in Italy and an intense meeting of the souls with someone, Emily read her poem “The Most Romantic Poem Ever”, replete with broccoli and tupperware metaphors, and Darshana ended the evening with another song.

Nick Calderbank and Damian Corcoran, old acting mates, have teamed up to perform a series of short sketches about working class British blokes from a slightly different era.

Nick Calderbank is the founder member of the On Stage/Open Space theatre company and has produced plays by Shakespeare, Pinter, Ayckbourn and Mamet. More recently he has turned his hand to writing and last year wrote and directed the short film” The Power Within”.

Damian Corcoran has been working as an actor, trainer and coach since following his French wife to Paris in 1990. He has recently started writing and performing his own poetry at open mic events in France and England.

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