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PLU Open Mic featuring Nick Calderbank

PLU Open Mic featuring Nick Calderbank

(Hosted by Emily Ruck Keene, photos by Jason and Charlotte)


Hot, sweaty and delicious, on Thursday August 7 we squeezed into Culture Rapide, took a breath, and this is what happened…

James W  got cooking with a word salad and an alphabet stew

“I’ve got the shakes, Charles” (possible food poisoning)

There’s never too much James in one room. So we invited our other favorite James to the stage with his architecture of sound

“we built our Babel backwards”

*WARNING – multiple virgin sacrifices*

VIRGIN!!! Nicky didn’t show any nerves as she went under the skin on the Pink Floor while it rained in French. VIRGIN!!! Anna went a capella with our hearts VIRGIN!!! Rhea was feeling juiceless and had her nostrils flared in expectancy VIRGIN!!! Mark took us behind the blank screen

“Just when you thought there was nothing left”

And VIRGIN!!! Bob blew our socks off with Love, Life, Death and the Afterbirth.

Gus’ coulda been a better song but at least he was smiling inside.  Bostonian Bob shared a very special personal piece (there were tears) and Nick Calderbank proved why he was our special featured reader with his excellent performance of Eliot’s Prufrock. Which got David Sirois and Emily just a little bit overexcited.

[Beer/cigarette/”ohmygodilovethatpoemmmm” break]

Once David Sirois had recovered from Bob’s poem and Prufrock he cooed up some pigeon love. Chronos from Marseille was our French virgin of the night and Delilah had a serious apology to make. Featured performer Nick read us some of the most famous WW1 poems. Never such innocence. 

Next up was a foursome of beautiful redheads. Ursula read Pat Ingoldsby, Shannon confessed her OKCupid dating profile, Joy chose Anne Sexton, and Iris had more Eliot for us. Joy’s equally talented pianist sister, Gaelle, was music to our ears, followed by Emily A who read Parisian Spring and a piece for her grandfather. Yann gave us tickets to the zoo, Anita showed what a clever clogs she is with her ghazal, and Charlotte (who also kindly took photos in round 2 for us) was inspired by a visit to the Rodin museum.

“I kept my orchard cold for you”

What could possibly be a better way to end the evening than with Zorro and Yuanye performing a remix of  Molière and de Musset to gangsta rap?! The party moved outside, and even Jason found himself slamming on the terrasse… BRRRAAAP!

Nick Calderbank has lived in Paris for over 30 years, during which time he has worked extensively in film and TV, and theatre as actor and director. Founder member of The On Stage- New Open Space Theatre Company, producing works by Shakespeare, Pinter, Mamet, Ayckbourne, etc. Most recently appeared as Prospero in The Tempest directed by Rona Waddington at The Theatre de Nesle, where he will play the title role in King Lear in December-February.

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