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PLU Open Mic featuring Nina Mazodier

PLU Open Mic featuring Nina Mazodier

Photos by Evan Knight.

A night of tongues, Babel rising at PLU last Thursday. Special guest Nina Mazodier, our youngest and most cosmopolite featured reader so far, must have attracted all the heterogenous forces of this multitudinous city to Culture Rapide for a polyglottal celebration of poetry and song.

Vanessa kicked off round one, running in from the cold, with her Human Mountain. Kate, as promised, began with more Dylan Thomas, In my craft of sullen art. María, new to Paris from Madrid, took us to Las nuves en español. Beatrice, resisting her native Italian, read instead  ee cummingsIntroduction to his 1938 poetry collection. Kaisa and Rasa then sang a Lithuanian folk song as well as a Finnish folk song together, but said that “it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Finnish, because even Finnish people don’t understand this song”. Alex, failing to bring us Yanks back home, read Neruda‘s I wish the woodcutter would wake up, but in English. Finally, Megan slammed about her Grandfather dating 3 women simultaneously and causing unclear family lineages. Nina‘s first round up included, Able, Cane and us (for her sister), L’aire de provence, Things to do before leaving for Oslo, even though there is no future for us there, Last entrance or Fucked up neighborhood, A war at low tide, Saint Martin’s night and Georgia (the country) on my mind.

Round two started with a Boom(ie) and his profound, poetic and tortured 8-year-old love for Erica. I, me, Jason, founder, owner, copyright holder and master of the universe, read from Cassady‘s Joan Anderson letter, Kate found a poem in her collection Cape Town and read some more Thomas, And death shall have no dominion. Even took pictures and read Nightmares never begin like this. Vanessa came back with a dedication to her wife, Megan read Denice Froman‘s Dear straight people, and Nina sent us home with Clement, James Cliff, Plague and a Lost poem (from the love life of a 13 year old).


Nina Mazodier is half French half Georgian, she was born in 1996 in France, she grew up in Berlin and moved to Paris in 2001. She has been writing since she’s 13 and has an unhealthy obsession with England. She also tries to be an actress, she played a supporting part in a belgian movie in 2008 and a leading role in a french tv movie coming out this Spring-Summer.

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