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PLU Open Mic featuring Not Anyone

PLU Open Mic featuring Not Anyone

PLU Open Mic ran ramped last Thursday with a suspect collective Not Anyone refusing to show for their featured performance. Instead, they contacted performance artist Ryan Galer to bring in a bunch of Trash Poetry to litter the premises. Luckily, we still had many performers who did show up, despite – or possibly due to – Saint Patrick’s festivities.

Round one included: René‘s pitch for a new movie, to be entitled Tattoo & Genitals, Janice – who gave Advice on politics for animals and Offers you can’t afford to miss – and Donall – translating the Irish Ullastrath – the day before the day before yesterday – both came all the way from Gilford to take seven PLU performers hostage for the PLU England Tour currently underway. Maxx wore a big green hat and read Thunderclouds & Sighs with a lousy Irish accent. Shannon used Sex against terrorism and Marie swooned Cat Power’s The Moon. Moe explained Why the banshees scream, also reading from his Souvenirs. Finally Steve Nahaj showed off his first preview copies of his new novel, Other lives for the desert – launching at PLU April 7th. Of course, our special guest, N0t Anyone, didn’t show up. Except their trash.

Round two moved from ThomasPan comes to Paris to Maysan‘s We are daydream machines and then over to virgin Jonas‘ Swedish French Au canapé. Amruta was Unstill, Danica found Only the second this semester from a woman, a Balck woman. Virgin Calia‘s Yellow used to be happy and we closed out with Lara‘s 2-minute love story.


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PLU Open Mic continues this Thursday with our usual antics starting at 20h. Read, sing, dance or play: the stage is yours. No rules, no limits. Bring your dogs.

This week we’re featuring a somewhat special guest, Not Anyone, who may or may not be there. Intrigued?

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